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Many experts are mentioned to be the ones handling every writing services that 5homework.com offers, but we found that this isn’t true. They make false claims to gain the heart of many first time clients so they can order from this site.


The perfect word of expression to use to describe the kind of service that this company render to people is “inefficient”. Lots of client’s events tried to see if they can cope in the past but they ended up running away while their money is being taken away from them.


There is nothing fascinating about the price tags given to each piece of work this company does for any customer. Despite they advertise 5% off for first time orders but this is not usually effected after payment has been made because they request for full pay first before returning the discount, which they won’t do at last.


5homework.com also try to make you believe that they will provide 100% confidentiality for every clients, but they do not even remember this after money has been collected. Once anyone request for refund in case they get unsatisfied with works delivered to them, they threaten the individuals with tendency of leaking their details to their institution.


The interest of customers which ought to be very paramount to every writing company is on the other hand neglected by the support team of 5homework.com. They don’t care if you get answers to whichever questions you would love to ask nor to other things.


There is lack of uniqueness in every of the writings done by this company. They do not take their time to write original work for you while at same time they do no plagiarism check before making deliveries to clients.


We have to conclude that 5homework.com is not the perfect writing company to consult anytime you need to get a high-quality essay or assignment done for your academic need, therefore we do not recommend them at all.

Comments from students


I can honestly say that https://5homework.com was the worst service I’ve ever used. The paper was too expensive, actually. For a low price, I got nothing in return. It was something a high school essay would’ve written, and I wanted the top level of quality.


The writers of the 5homework.com are not learned. They do not have any research skills and the language they use for writing is informal. They do not know the writing skills for any academic.


The service quality of the 5homework company is not reliable. They do not meet the expectations of the clients. What the client orders they never pay attention to the requirements of the order.

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