– Review is an online website that provides writing services for different kind of jobs. Essayacademia moto is "To be a creative assistant to millions of students who aspire for improved academic performance." Today we will review them on 6 different criteria’s and will check, how much justified there services are to their own motto.


The basics for testing any writing services starts by testing its writers. If the writers are good and experience then the company will be good service provide both quality and quantity wise. But if the writer is not experienced than there is no certainty about the company’s profile either. Same is the problem with this company. This company doesn’t share any profile or academic and professional info of its writers. Neither does it acknowledges their hard work. There is one option “test a writer” but even for that you would have to provide your email, the only problem in which is that why should someone be providing his/her personal info to have a test of your company. Why can’t there be a transparent test, such as any work of writer that could be tested for plagiarism. So there is no writer’s info on this website. We rate them 2/5.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: company base its quality of service on three thing, sample writings, test a writer feature and returning customers. Let’s discuss these in descending order. Returning Customer: no, we don’t say that Essayacademia are lying about the concept of their returning customers, but all we say is that there is no proof provided by them for the purpose. There are no legitimate testimonials with proper names and academic or professional addresses. Test a writer feature: well, as mentioned above that though company claims that you can test their writer via email chat but the question is the most of the people, especially first timers and females, are not comfortable in sharing their personal emails with a company they don’t know much about. Sample writings: so there are sample writings which you can download and check for your own-self, but there is not even a single proof that these writing belong to this company or to its writers, since there is no mentioning of writers or any background info regarding these samples. We rate them 0/5 for this.

PRICE: company provide you with a basic pricing calculator, which seems like faulty to us. Why? Because Essayacademia is no general pricing plan given so we don’t know how it is calculating the price and what is the base of that calculation. All you know is that you would have to pay $46.84 for a standard writing style, argumentative essay of 2 pages/550 words with an urgency of 24 hours. This price may not be that high but it is still more than the demand of market for same kind of services. We rate them 1/5 for this.


So their pricing method is not good, don’t provide any information regarding their writers and also their claim to best quality isn’t that much trustworthy. Moreover there are no proper testimonials. If you go through the website properly you won’t find any legitimate testimonial. All you will find is one testimonial on the cover photo, without any name. That may be a true testimonial or maybe a ghost, who knows? But after all this it’s a bit hard to trust them. So we rate them 1/5.


So yeah! You can contact them via phone number, an email id and social media such as Facebook and twitter. But sadly you won’t be able to find their office as there is no address given. We rate them 2/5 for this.


However they do provide a sample, but you can’t check it for plagiarism since it is already being uploaded on a website and secondly it doesn’t have any writer or background info. We rate them 0/5.


This company is not even above average if you look towards their rating. Their rating according to us is 1/5. Which isn’t even average. So we won’t ask you to trust them blindly or to order their services. However there are other companies in the market with better pricing and better services you can always search for them. After all it is about your hard earned money.

Comments from students


I paid nearly 300 dollars for my paper that was considered a midterm paper. It was worth 20 percent of my mark and I recieved 42% on it. I am very very disapointed and upset at the fact I paid so much money for basically nothing. My paper was just a bunch of jibberish sentences trying to sound fancy but actually lacks argument. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE. SAVE YOUR MONEY

Maximilian are not providing the good quality as mentioned on their website. Be careful while you are choosing the company for your academic purposes.


They fail to build up trust in customers because what they claimed, not implemented in actuality. The previous performance of the essayacademia company is a fraud. They are playing with the innocent minds of the students with multiple tricks. This company has no ethics that a worldwide company should have.

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