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WRITER: proposed provide you good quality service for any type of writing especially the essay writing. But they are nothing except scam. An untrained men can even perform better then these so-called experience holders. The miserable condition is that when you have a very short time completing your task and suddenly, you get a website like this one. After the job has been done, you will find yourself stuck in a hell. So, I suggest you do a thorough analysis of the site before assigning them any of your academic work.


Never ever, rely on Myessaywriter quality of service. As, they never wok up to the mark so their service is never retargeted by any of their customer. just succeed to capture the clients at first time being very responsive to you before order but once the customer get to know their service, he never be a victim again. They will neglect your priorities regarding assigned work. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to complain about their poor service & never be able to file against them for betraying you.


The price they charge for the damn service Myessaywriter offered is never feels like reasonable. That is not justifiable for the quality of service they deliver. They are blamed by their customers for charging high price for a down-graded service. Their competitive websites provide better stuff at very reasonable prices. I would honestly accuse them of overpricing.

COMPANY TRUST: performed a lot of messy work to lose their customers’ confidence in the product. Myessaywriter got failed to satisfy their customers’ requirements after making very high promises. So, their trust has been lost in the air. The company has just lost its trust for the product, customer support service, communication and marketing. Thorough analysis of the website declares that website did nothing like to be in good intentions.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: promised to be there for you 24/7, covering all platforms like online chat, email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. But that is a totally bogus statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in getting quality service in described tenure. They wouldn’t respond you in time or sometimes, their response would lack the size of information you asked for. They told you to provide your work in parts so you can check the performance step by step but that process takes a long time even double than decided while dealing. When you visit their website a pop-up appears instantly to collect your information and then they will make you annoyed with spam messages and emails of discounted offers of their poor services.


I will definitely suggest you to get this job done by some experienced website, don’t go for a new one always. You should chose new sites. I will definitely not recommend a service platform like this, be alert of fakes and frauds to avoid any inconvenience. Instead of wasting time on a place like “My Essay Writer” you should invest your time and money in some productive package. They just pretend to do your job nicely but sell really poor services. Alas! They are cheating their customers with fake promises. I wish, I could give them less than zero reviews, but unfortunately the last option is 1 star. So I am giving just 1 out of 5.

Comments from students


Please don't waste your time and money, I had the worst experience with this summers company called home fraudsters, 1st I have asked them just for help and they convince me to do my research. Then when they got my money they start to play around, they said they're almost finish and after the delivery day already pass they didn't even started it and I know they're scam and asked for my refund from, then when they realised that in the same day they send me the work and when I open the work as expected 100% copy and paste from one website someone's work. Thanks to God I was subscriber to that website and I found straight away. When I send them back the work and the proof they say it's already paid no refund, but I use to record all their live chat as a proof and I sent all to paypal to claim my money and after up and down I won my money buck. So please please you will regret it. Totally scam!!


The biggest fraud, fake and garbage Referral service depot ever! Its best not to trust these charleton thieves, with ZERO credibility and zero guarantee of the education/qualification of their random “expert”, and rather simply use freelancers website. At least there, you have much more control and DIRECT contact with the potential expert rendering the service/project/task/etc..., as well as honest and objective ratings from other clients. Soon these types of shady physical businesses will go extinct, it’s just a matter of time... ALSO, don’t believe many if not all of the ‘positive reviews’ here, they’re usually either close friends/families/cronies of the owners/employees, or simply just fake accounts!


They used to work very well couple years ago but I do not know what is happened to them that their customer service is ridiculous right now. I gave them an essay to write for me and it was worse experience for me ever I did not get a good mark on the essay. there were too much repetition in their writing ,the citation was wrong for most of my paper. They have only one receptionist who was very impolite and gave me attitude any time I called her or I had any issue about my paper. It was First and last business with Myessaywriter.

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