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From critical evaluation, this company tries to play smart by telling the public that they have professional writers of over 400. But we wonder why they don’t still meet up with deadlines of home works given to them. These writers are not professionals in various fields like maths, statistics, programming, accounting and so on. They have no standard works to prove themselves right as writers with nice degrees.


This company has no perfect form of service to be offered to students who need home works done in good shape. won’t do a student any good to relieve them of their academic burdens. They just give you any stuff found from net when it’s time to deliver your work.


The price tag for one page work is $15 plus, which is quite unaffordable. Most students even manage to survive with other needs, but has failed to understand how uneasy its going to be for students to pay this much.


For cheap, understandable, perfect and appealing work delivery on home works, won’t give you any of this. They have no capability to deliver any of this to their customers. They just make money from people, they are fraud.


There is no good customer support to make every customers in need of attention concerning their home works happy. If you have got problems, just know its possible it might never get solved. They won’t attend to you, they close work chapter after one time delivery, so no other communication would work.


The fact that they will provide for you researched home works, and some other forms of assignment done from scratch by degree holding writers is a scam.


Its just worth knowing to have reached a convincing point that, is nothing but scam. They charge too high and they are rude to customers facing one challenge or the other. Students, we do not recommend this site for any homework assistance.

Comments from students


I choose this site after seeing their rating here. I think it's only as high as it is because the staff must fake reviews, otherwise I don't know what's going on.


They just say we will work on any project..They do have any knowledge .They loot your money and never ever return money if project cannot be done. Don't use this site.


Do NOT use this mymathdone company if you’re actually wanting a quality paper. I paid extra for an “experienced” writer and my paper was absolute crap. They didn’t even site sources correctly if I would have used their format I would have gotten a zero for plagiarism. The grammar was awful and they never even answered the questions i gave them in the topic description they just danced around them and filled the paper with a bunch of nonsensical empty sentences. I ended up just writing the paper myself. I asked for a refund on my paper and was denied and told to give the writer another chance and I told them I did not want that, that if anything they can try a new writer but they ignored my request and gave it to the same writer and the second paper was just as bad as the first and then they told me that I could not get a refund now because the paper had been sent back for revisions. Revisions I did not want in the first place!!!! DONT USE THIS COMPANY they will scam you out of your money and you will still be left to do the work if you actually want a passing paper.

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