– Review is a writing organization that provides its services online. Today we are going to review them.


However the company claims to have a number of expert writers in its statistics, yet fails to provide any link regarding the detailed information about all those writers. Which puts us in a doubt for this company, so we rate it 2/5.


Due to our doubt on them for not giving proper link and info of their writer we won’t rate them the highest but, based on their testimonials and way of explaining their services I think one can trust the quality of their service. We rate them 2.5/5 for this.

PRICE: pricing plan is not so good, as there standard package which is equivalent to 2:2 cost £23.99, if the urgency is set to 2 days. This is higher than average as there are companies who would do it for less amount. We rate them 3/5 here.


A company’s trust can be judged on the basis of its testimonials as these are the reviews by the customers. But, like all other companies this one also provide testimonials without much info about the person who quote them. I mean they all feel like names and pictures attach to a quote. Moreover all the pictures look like of professional advertisement level, which puts us in a doubt. We rate them 2.5/5 for this.


As far as the customer support is concern they provide you with a 24/7 helpline support as well as an email id. Which is not very good as you need social ids in this era of social media. Also they are not providing you with any physical address so we rate them 2/5.

PLAGIARISM: don’t provide any content to check for plagiarism. We rate them 0/5.


So this is a company with average rating according to us as they are not 5 star in a single field. There overall rating according to us is 2/5. Which is below average for you as a customer. there are always other companies out there which you should try.

Comments from students


Submitted my assignments 2 days late and even with the wrong answer. when i ask for refund takes ages to refund and not even refunding don't ever use this site.


I was supposed to get my refund back, I never get, I told costume service, I just want it to do my resume fro that one day whey still charged me I did not want it to be a member I will never use it again. And I will tell my family and friends don't ever go on


Big scam, don’t do it. They’ll take your money for nothing in exchange. And as the deadline comes, they ask for more money. Don't Trust this Groovyessays company.

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