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In present times, students are struggling immensely to cope with the overwhelming pressure of assignments, particularly in English writing. The intense focus required to craft essays, theses, or dissertations is a daunting task that often leaves students stressed and exhausted. This pressure is compounded by the high expectations for quality and originality, making it difficult for many to meet academic standards. Amidst this challenging landscape, services like offer a potential lifeline. However, the proliferation of such companies has also led to an increase in fraudulent and unreliable services, leaving students vulnerable to scams. It's crucial to scrutinize whether truly delivers on its promises. Many companies in this industry make bold claims but fail to provide the necessary support, leading to subpar papers and academic disappointment. There are concerns about plagiarism, poor-quality writing, and the inability to meet deadlines, which can jeopardize a student’s academic career. Additionally, the high cost of these services often adds financial strain, making it even more critical to ensure that the chosen company is legitimate and capable. Therefore, while could be a solution, thorough investigation and cautious consideration are essential to avoid falling victim to the many deceitful operations that plague this market.


This company, boasting over 15 writers, falls significantly short of the required labor force necessary to adequately meet the demands of its clients. Such a minimal number of writers is grossly insufficient to handle the volume and complexity of tasks expected in a competitive market. The glaring inadequacy is further highlighted by the fact that out of these 15 writers, only three hold master's degrees and a mere two possess PhDs. This scant expertise pool is troubling, as it raises serious doubts about the quality and depth of knowledge available to address diverse and sophisticated academic needs. Even more concerning is the absence of UK-based writers, which is a critical drawback for clients seeking services aligned with UK academic standards and practices. The lack of local expertise likely results in a poor understanding of the specific requirements and nuances of the UK education system, leading to substandard and potentially inappropriate content. This shortfall in qualified personnel not only undermines the company's credibility but also places clients at risk of receiving inferior work, which can have detrimental effects on their academic performance and future prospects. Overall, the company’s staffing inadequacies severely compromise its ability to deliver reliable and high-quality writing services.


The quality of service is the most crucial factor to consider before engaging with any essay writing company, and based on the writer review above, it is clear that this company is destined to perform disastrously. With its severely limited labor force, the company is unable to keep up with the demands of its clients, leading to numerous concerning practices. One of the most alarming issues is the reselling of old essays, a blatant sign of the company's inability to produce original content on demand. This not only undermines the integrity of their service but also exposes clients to significant academic risks. Moreover, plagiarism has become a rampant issue within the company, as the overburdened and underqualified writers resort to copying content to meet deadlines. This unethical practice can have severe consequences for students, including failing grades, academic probation, or even expulsion. The combination of a low labor force, lack of expertise, and unethical practices results in a service that is both unreliable and untrustworthy. Clients who expect high-quality, original work are instead met with recycled, plagiarized content that jeopardizes their academic integrity and future prospects. Overall, this company's fundamental flaws make it a poor choice for anyone seeking dependable essay writing services.


The price level charged by this company is exorbitantly high and completely unjustifiable when compared to the abysmal quality of services provided. To obtain a Grade A level essay, clients are expected to pay around $80 for a mere 500 words spread over two pages, with a delivery time of up to 10 days. This steep pricing is outrageous, especially considering the substandard output that the company consistently delivers. Clients are essentially being asked to pay a premium price for inferior work that is riddled with issues such as poor research, inadequate structuring, and lackluster writing. The long turnaround time of 10 days only adds to the frustration, as many clients require prompt and timely submissions to meet academic deadlines. Furthermore, the cost does not guarantee original content, as the company has a notorious reputation for reselling old essays and engaging in plagiarism. This lack of value for money is both unethical and exploitative, preying on students' desperation and need for academic assistance. The disparity between the high cost and low quality of service makes this company a poor investment for anyone seeking reliable and high-quality academic support. Instead of alleviating stress, this company compounds it, delivering disappointing results at an unjustifiably high price.

COMPANY TRUST: can appear trustworthy to some extent because they provide clients with a legitimate phone number, email addresses, and a valid physical address that shows the exact location of their company. However, these superficial signs of credibility are undermined by a glaring omission: the absence of a privacy policy. This critical oversight raises serious concerns about the company's commitment to safeguarding clients' personal and academic information. Without a privacy policy, customers have no assurances that their data will be protected from misuse, unauthorized access, or potential breaches. This lack of security is alarming, especially given the sensitive nature of the information students must share to receive writing services. Furthermore, it suggests a troubling disregard for industry standards and client trust, as a privacy policy is a fundamental component of any reputable service provider. Clients are left vulnerable to identity theft, academic dishonesty repercussions, and other privacy violations. In an age where data security is paramount, the failure to establish and communicate clear privacy protections is not just a minor oversight but a significant red flag. It diminishes any semblance of trust that might be built from the provision of contact information and casts a long shadow over the company's integrity and reliability.


The customer support system may seem active and up to the task, with the company providing advanced features to facilitate communication between clients and agents. However, these superficial enhancements mask deeper issues that render the support largely ineffective. Despite the appearance of a responsive support system, clients often find themselves dealing with unhelpful and poorly trained representatives who are unable to address their concerns adequately. The advanced features touted by the company, such as live chat and rapid email responses, frequently result in frustrating experiences where clients receive generic, scripted replies rather than meaningful assistance. Furthermore, the support team's inability to resolve issues promptly or provide satisfactory solutions leads to prolonged delays and added stress for clients already struggling with tight academic deadlines. The façade of a well-functioning support system crumbles when clients realize that their urgent queries and pressing concerns are met with inefficiency and indifference. This lack of genuine support exacerbates the overall negative experience, as clients are left feeling abandoned and unsupported. In essence, the seemingly robust customer support system is a deceptive front that fails to deliver the reliable and effective assistance that clients rightfully expect, highlighting yet another significant shortfall of the company's services.


In conclusion, ResearchProspects is a company that cannot compete with others to gain a competitive advantage. Its myriad flaws make it a total turn-off for anyone seeking reliable academic assistance. Foremost among its shortcomings is the complete lack of security; the absence of a privacy policy leaves clients' personal and academic information vulnerable to misuse and breaches. This glaring oversight alone is enough to question the company's credibility and commitment to client safety. Additionally, the exorbitant pricing is entirely unjustifiable given the subpar quality of work delivered. Charging around $80 for a mere 500-word essay, while failing to provide original, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content, is exploitative and unethical. Clients end up paying a premium for work that is often recycled, poorly written, and fails to meet academic standards. Furthermore, despite boasting an active customer support system, the actual experience is frustrating and unhelpful, with poorly trained representatives offering little more than generic responses. This combination of high cost, low quality, and inadequate support makes it impossible for ResearchProspects to stand up against more reputable competitors. Overall, the company's significant deficiencies in essential areas render it a poor choice for students seeking dependable and effective academic writing services.

Comments from students


I had been a customer of for many years. Not any longer. Unable to get through to their technical and customer support. Not good for business. Today I waiting for 20 minutes on their "On-line Chat".


I have had few essays written by this company. only one mark was satisfed -55% (even though i paid for much higher mark! the rest majority of work i got 40s grades. please do not waste your money!


Researchprospect did a paper for me - it was ok in terms of context but had made spelling mistakes and delivered 2 days later than planned.
I found a better company - they are cheaper and their spelling is perfect.

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