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This assignment writing firm does not provide an excellent service for the client. Their writers are few and most times are always given a huge target to meet client’s needs. Their team of writers lacks on-time delivery. They are not efficient and do not follow project instructions. Their team of writers does not follow strict professional work ethics.


Octasolutions.co.uk do not guarantee 100 percent authentic work. They do not have the capacity to provide a complete solution to your project. They lack on-time delivery. Octasolutions are very slow in essay processing. Their service is always associated with logical and grammatical errors. They do not guarantee top-notch quality service to the client and they cannot be trusted.


If you are a student looking for an assignment, dissertation, and essay help at an affordable rate I suggest you look for an alternative of Octasolutions.co.uk. Their price bundle is very high, this is not a good writing firm for the student to patronize. Octasolutions price value is not fair and they do not render quality service to clients.


Octasolutions.co.uk does not provide full privacy and confidentiality. Client identity is not secured.Octasolutions writers are known to fail delivery of the project. They love given flimsy excuses. Their team of writers does not follow professional guidelines to ensure quality service. Most of their content is often plagiarized.


Their team of support is not always available to assist the client on their request. They do not guarantee a quick resolution of client issue or problem. Their 24 hours/7 days a week is just a charade. They are not responsive to a client request.


Most UK writing firm claim top quality service at the end their content is far below quality. Octasolutions.co.uk is not an exception. They claim to offer the best academic help to the student in the UK and their service is nothing to write home about. They do not guarantee the best quality assignment help you yearn for. Do not waste your money and time trying to seek academic help from this company.

Comments from students


I got my assignment on time. And that`s what I am grateful for. Everything else, unfortunately, was quite disappointing. https://octasolutions.co.uk are too many grammar mistakes and various inaccuracies in the text provided by their writer. He doesn`t seem to be a native English speaker. Plus, the whole ordering process was quite complicated, and I couldn`t do it without their support service.


It`s not only expensive but it also isn`t worth that money. Late delivery, poor grammar, tons of factual mistakes and arrogant support managers. I`d recommend other students to avoid this octasolutions.co.uk company in all possible ways.


They will approach you from Facebook and WhatsApp. Using Fake Facebook profiles. Sweet talk and take your money. They will blackmail you and take your card details or threaten to contact the university. They are from Pakistan. Octasolutions is not even based in London. Fake Phone number from SKYPE. Ask them to call you from UK mobile number and they can't as they are not in UK.Guys avoid this company like coronavirus. I was victim of this Scammers. They have my Facebook, card and PayPal details. I will not spare this Cons. I will let everyone know about your SCAM. You will not be able to CON any other innocent person. And stop threatening me.

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