– Review is an online editing company that claims to provide service for editing purposes. In following we are going to review its website.


First of all company is not even a writing company, it is an editing company that edits and proofreads already written content. But even after claiming to have best qualified and professional editors and proof-readers, Scholarlyeditors still can’t provide any authentic info regarding their editors.


Talking about their quality, well trust me when you go through their website all you can see is what they do, how they do and contact us. There is no info regarding editors, no testimonials and not even a pricing plan. What kind of a company forgets to mention its price plan? So you can assume what would be the quality of service that they will provide you.


The most bizarre part is that they haven’t mention about their pricing plan anywhere on the website. There is not even a pricing calculator nor a proper quoting method.


Seriously if you look at the website I would suggest you not to trust them. They haven’t provided any useful information on their website about their services or anything. Whatever you see is a mission statement not a logical or factual information that could be trusted.


One thing Scholarlyeditors are tiny little bit of good at is customer support. They provide you with phone number, email id and a live chat option, but still there are no social ids nor a physical address and yet they are bragging about their customer support everywhere on the website.


Since don’t provide any kind of sample on their website that could be check for plagiarism so we were unable to review them on this point.


So, a Scholarlyeditors company with lunatic website, No pricing plan, no writer’s info, no testimonials and no customer support surely does not deserve to be trusted by customer. You must look for any other company in the market. We rate them 1/5 and that is just for providing with their numbers and email id.

Comments from students

Graham website was cool so that’s why I chose this service. But they missed my deadline. Imagine this: they delivered the paper two days later than my deadline. They did not offer to make refund. I had to complain to the support. I got a refund, but it was only partial. This paper came late and I could not use it because the submission date was two days ago. I paid for something useless.


I think the services of are a scam. They charge a lot for services that they cannot provide. Additionally, their customer service was not available when I wanted a refund for the paper, which was plagiarized.


For an academic paper, Scholarlyeditors is not so reliable. However, for other types of essay works, it is quite nice. Their prices could have been a bit lower, but their paper quality is up to the mark.

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