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You probably frown when you open the website of The claim to be the best in the writing industries from decades, but what if we tell you they are just scams. Yet till now, they need a lot of improvement in the stuff related to writing academic writings. No 5-star recommendations] recommended by the customers till now.


At have a bunch of writers, but they never put extra efforts in the work that they are providing. They just lack the correctness of the work that they are providing to the customers. They do show unauthenticity in the work own by a customer. No following of proper guidelines and requirement is one of their big mistakes.


When it comes to service, they just provide poor services. The work quality is not according to the standards that they claim they have. The market value service is a way too up than what they are providing on a market level. Delaying of the work that is to be provided is anther mistake that they do repeatedly.


When it comes to prices, they offer nominal prices, but according to the quality of work that they provide, the price is a bit too high. It is suggested to them to whether improve their quality services or provide a low-price chart. Keep in mind all these facts while ordering a service from them.


Trust is a virtue and can never be lost. claims that they provide services starting from scratch with full effort. But when will the effort be count if they are providing this much bad services? Due to the facts, the company is losing its trust that people have on them.


The customer team is here is showing inappropriate behavior with the clients. promise all-around support for their customers, but when the customer reach them, they just get rejection, and delays in response from the customer support. They just own a bad service with bad customer support.


When it comes to plagiarism checking, most of the work is plagiarized from multiple sources. With this behavior it is extra difficult for this company to get a high rank in the industry. If you do not want a trouble in your academic endeavors then we suggest to write your assignments on your own.


With this service and content, we will never recommend this organization to you for your tasks to get done.

Comments from students


Please don't trust this for your work...I paid nearly £1000 for my dissertation and the paper they done for me was unbelievably bad!!! I don't know how many times I've sent instructions and other files to help writer but the writer didnt take anything into account and done it in his/her own way. I've even sent my supervisors feedback for the paper and the writer continued not to take anything into account!! They might me okay for college level but definitely NOT for university level!!! and if your studying science based degrees never ever pay them to do your paper!!!!


I want to give them unlimited negative rating in every platform. Plagiarized paper, high price, no commitment to submit within the deadline, no money back- is a total mess and will rob you off. Also, they have fake student reviews to attract poor and helpless people like us.


Don't lose your money and time, the service superbpaper provide is just useless. Ive used it twice both orders were completely wrong I had to rewrite them again myself. writer always asking for extra money for a revision and never get it right. THINK 100 TIMES BEFORE YOU CHOOSE.

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