– Review is a Uk based site that provides services in academic writing help for students around UK. Assignmentsonweb has been nearly more a decade since theylaid the foundations of their academic writing help service for students in UK. It was initiated as a small venture between a young groups of qualified students with an entrepreneurial mind-set, soon became a renowned service provider for the majority of students.



Firstly this company does not acknowledge its own writers or editors properly. All you find about them are three lines in about section. Writers of expert articles can save their words and encourage you to do more. This organization provides its paper composition services in many countries. They admit to having many experienced and experienced writers, but they did not show it by showing the details of their author.


Though claim to have mastery in number of subjects yet there is no info regarding the writers or editors of this company. Then the testimonials are just name with quotes.They never work up to the described standards so, you shouldn’t try to risk all your efforts. Assignmentsonweb grabs a lot about the quality, standard and excellence of their work, to capture the clients at first but those are just deceptions. Once they succeeded to trap a new client, you will never find them polite anymore.


6 days and above
Between 3 - 5 days
Within 48 hours
Within 24 hours

2:2 Standard
£ 8.99
£ 11.99
£ 14.99
£ 17.99

2:1 Standard
£ 13.99
£ 16.99
£ 19.99
£ 22.99

First Class
£ 18.99
£ 21.99
£ 24.99
£ 27.99 have no explanation for charging a high price for a poor service. Many competitors offer high quality products at very reasonable prices. Seriously, who will buy something expensive without any benefit? I did not find any reason to convince him to buy a mediocre service at a high price.


Seriously, if you visit the site, I suggest you not trust them. Assignmentsonweb have not provided any useful information on their website regarding their services or otherwise. What you see is a declaration of intent and not logical or objective information you can count on.


The customer service team of this writing firm is not proactive. They are not always available on their customer helpline, and also, it takes like forever for them to respond to a single email. They are not proficient and cannot rely on. They have a very boring live chat feature, which doesn’t work properly and effectively. Their social media pages are very bad and I will not advice any students to patronize this website.


Therefore, a company with a crazy site, no tariff plan, no information of the author and no testimony, certainly does not deserve full customer confidence. You should look for another company on the market. Even if you want me to serve you, you should visit them and check their personal situation. We at Reviews uk rate them down for 1/5 and that’s just simply provide their number and e-mail address.

Comments from students


Whatever you do just don't use, these people are highly unprofessional, they have no idea what are they doing and they can't keep their promises! They missed the deadline and caused me nothing but trouble and the worst part was they.


In case you like to be the last in the class, this company is for you. No doubt their writers will make everything in their powers to devastate you with the "high-quality writing material from educated experts" as they call the ashamed they produce.


We do not recommend this site. This assignmentsonweb site is a fake ad scamming people just for their rating.

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