– Review claims to deliver all sorts of essay writing in a different topic like chemistry, biology, machine, and many others. What disconcerts me with this business is that the Essay-company is fully aware that they do not have the requisite know-how to give top-notch essay. Yet they are misleading the people. This business has been around without proper operation for over twelve years.

WRITER: authors don't follow the principles that you lay down in the requirements. doesn't follow simple instructions. They lack the skills required to deliver the project in time. Their writer department is sluggish when it comes to performing academic paperwork.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: is very popular because of their deceitful behavior, and not because of the quality service. The company fail to realize that every academic paper is meant to represent academic achievement for students. Instead, their low standard service turns student years of academic study.


Compared to their facilities the amount they charge is too small. Depending on your requirement, you can better find any other better service because different other companies offer quality services at incredibly affordable prices.


They trust that they customers once had on this company is now getting shattered. Contact details of the customer are often shared with third parties. The privacy of the Client is not protected. They are lacking in credibility and confidence. If you do not want your information to be shared, avoid patronage, or contact with this company.


Customer support just claims 24 hours a day and seven days a week support service, but this just does not fit well in this all-around writing business. Their customer service sites are always often inaccessible if you would like to submit revisions.


They will make you happy in a new bottle with just the old wine. Every specific filter can catch the fault in your documents very easily. With a stolen information service, every company can never excel in the market.


Avoid this company if you are anxious to have a superb college essay or a quality service of first class. This company claims to have profound know-how in all writing areas but has never fulfilled the standards. We will never recommend the services they are offering to anyone.

Comments from students

Grant review and ratings are strongly negative. I ordered a 1000-word essay from them and never received any information on how they will write the paper. Their writer didn’t communicate with me. For such a high price, I was expecting more.


I ordered a paper from with a two-day deadline and I got it after a week. The support staff was unavailable during this period and the paper I received later was full of mistakes. There was even some plagiarized content.


Don't trust Samedayessay! they are cheating students for money! they never offered what they promised. And those papers are sent to students repeatedly. And they shirk responsibility after taking the money! The service was terrible!

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