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WRITER: boldly claims to boast well-experienced writers on its platform, yet our meticulous scrutiny paints a starkly different picture. Contrary to their assertions, our thorough examination of their writings reveals a glaring inadequacy in quality and proficiency. The assertion of expertise seems nothing short of a hollow boast as their work fails to meet even the most basic standards of competence. The assertion of employing experienced writers crumbles in the face of their subpar output. Moreover, the notion of their writers being native English speakers appears to be nothing more than a facade, as evidenced by the conspicuous absence of linguistic fluency and coherence in their compositions. The alarming revelation that these purported professionals are nothing more than freelancers raises serious doubts about the integrity and credibility of It beggars belief that an ostensibly reputable academic service would entrust critical tasks to individuals whose qualifications and competency are, at best, dubious. In light of these findings, it becomes abundantly clear that falls far short of delivering on its promises and cannot be relied upon as a trustworthy resource for academic assistance.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: presents a facade of credibility by offering samples of papers on its website, ostensibly to provide a glimpse into the quality of work one can expect. However, a closer examination of these samples shatters any illusion of competence. Despite the initial allure, our meticulous scrutiny uncovered a plethora of egregious grammatical errors littered throughout. Such glaring deficiencies not only undermine the credibility of the service but also raise serious questions about the proficiency of their purported writers. Furthermore, the absence of adherence to standard academic writing styles, such as MLA or APA, further compounds the issue. The blatant disregard for universally accepted formatting norms not only reflects poorly on the competence of the writers but also casts doubt on the integrity of as a reputable academic service provider. In essence, the provision of flawed samples serves as a stark warning to potential clients, highlighting the subpar quality and lack of attention to detail that pervades the offerings of

PRICE: boasts a repertoire of services, but their exorbitant pricing renders them inaccessible to a vast majority of students. With a jaw-dropping fee of $250 for a mere 10-page essay, it becomes abundantly clear that affordability is not a priority for this purported academic assistance provider. The staggering cost effectively bars students from availing themselves of their services, making an economically unviable option for those seeking academic support. Moreover, the absence of a refund policy further compounds the issue. This glaring omission leaves customers vulnerable and unprotected in the event of dissatisfaction or substandard work. Shockingly, instead of addressing legitimate concerns, resorts to intimidation tactics, threatening dissatisfied customers with contacting their universities should they dare to pursue a refund. Such strong-arm tactics not only betray a blatant disregard for customer satisfaction but also highlight the predatory nature of's business practices. In light of these exploitative policies and exorbitant pricing structures, it becomes evident that is more focused on maximizing profits at the expense of student welfare, making it a decidedly unattractive option for those in search of reliable academic assistance.

COMPANY TRUST: presents itself as a solution for academic woes, but beneath its facade lies a concerning lack of legitimacy and accountability. The absence of a physical address raises serious doubts about the legality and registration status of the company. Without a tangible location to anchor its operations, customers are left vulnerable in the event of disputes or grievances. Should conflicts arise, the absence of a physical presence renders legal recourse virtually impossible, leaving aggrieved parties without avenues for resolution or restitution. Moreover, the glaring omission of a privacy policy compounds the issue, raising alarming red flags regarding the security and confidentiality of customers' personal and financial information. The lack of safeguards to protect sensitive data exposes unsuspecting clients to the risk of identity theft, fraud, and other malicious activities. In essence,'s disregard for basic legal and privacy protocols not only undermines its credibility as a reputable service provider but also jeopardizes the well-being and security of its clientele. Given these alarming deficiencies, entrusting one's academic needs to such a dubious entity is akin to playing a dangerous game of chance with potentially dire consequences.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: purports to prioritize customer satisfaction, but the reality paints a starkly different picture of neglect and disrespect. The customer care system touted by the company falls woefully short of expectations, delivering a level of service that can only be described as abysmal. Instead of addressing legitimate concerns and queries with professionalism and courtesy, customers are met with disdain and disrespect when daring to question the company's practices. This blatant disregard for customer welfare not only reflects poorly on the company's integrity but also undermines trust and confidence in its services. Moreover, the use of a fake physical address further compounds the issue, casting doubt on the transparency and legitimacy of's operations. By concealing their true location behind a facade of falsehoods, the company betrays a fundamental lack of accountability and transparency. It becomes increasingly apparent that is more concerned with masking its shortcomings and evading scrutiny than with providing genuine and reliable academic assistance. In light of these egregious failings, entrusting one's academic endeavors to such a disreputable entity is tantamount to inviting disappointment and frustration.

CONCLUSION: markets itself as a beacon of academic integrity, but beneath the veneer lies a troubling pattern of plagiarism and substandard work. The purportedly unique content churned out by this company is riddled with instances of blatant plagiarism, betraying a lack of originality and ethical integrity. Furthermore, the sources cited within their papers are shrouded in mystery, rendering them unverifiable and casting doubt on the credibility of the information presented. It is evident that cuts corners when it comes to ensuring the authenticity and reliability of their sources, opting instead for cheap and unreliable options. The company's reliance on dubious plagiarism checker software further undermines its credibility, as these tools often fail to detect subtle forms of plagiarism and produce inaccurate results. In light of these egregious lapses in quality and integrity, it is clear that is not a trustworthy entity. Coupled with its lack of registration and privacy policy, this company fails to inspire confidence or instill trust in its clientele. In essence, entrusting one's academic endeavors to is akin to playing a perilous game of chance, with the odds stacked against the pursuit of genuine academic excellence.

Comments from students

Marvin is such a scam. The writers write like they have absolutely no clue what their doing. Then wen you try to get a refund they do everything they can not to give it to you plus take a percentage. They suck major monkey nuts! Don’t EVER use this website!


I had just another boring and not urgent assignment that I didn't want to do on my own. Turned out didn't want either. They missed the deadline and sent me a paper that lacked references to the sources I asked them to use!


The support system is rude with the customers. If someone wants any change in order during progress, academicassignments never show any flexibility with the customers.

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