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The set of writers used by 6dollaressay.com have been claimed to be native English speakers and experts in each of their writing fields. Its unfortunate that this is a scam and just bag of lies that have been packaged to hype the writers.


The quality of work done by the writers of this company is far below the normal standard of writing. We have accessed some of the sample works they presented and saw lots of grammatical errors all over the piece. This company can in no way satisfy clients in need of quality essays.


The prices of works done by 6dollaressay.com is very high despite their level of incompetence. I wonder why some persons would want to kill themselves with such price range, because its too high for average individuals to afford as a student. They charge from $20 to $40 for each works of high school to masters students.


There are no reasons for anyone to even trust the validity of all promises made by this company towards the interest of their potential clients. They have got lots of tricks to use to deceive many clients so as to take money from them.


6dollaressay.com have got no responsible set of persons among the support team they use for handling the requests bumping in from various clients. They are just rude and very careless individuals as they handle each queries nonchalantly.


Most of the works delivered by writers of this company have been found to often fail plagiarism check whenever any student personally venture to do it. Seriously, the writers on their own didn’t initially compose any original write up not to talk of checking for plagiarism.


We have got lots of reasons to say that, 6dollaressay.com is a scam and should not be trusted. Severally, they have not been able to refund most clients who requested for paybacks.

Comments from students


I got a 30% out of 100%. Half of the things were confusing and there was grammar mistakes.I said before that I was spanish studying in the UK, so https://6dollaressay.com wouldn't use unusual words, and there was a lot of sentences that they realised I didn't write it


Trust is a primary note for any relationship but the company staff never bother this. They do not complete the requirements of the customers. 6dollaressay.com are unable to deliver work around the time. Time is not important for them. Their response rate is not good.


we do not recommend this company at all. 6dollaressay is scamming students with different tricks. They never feel ashamed of what they are doing.

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