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The sets of writers working for this company have falter in many of their rendered services. Much customers have shown their dissatisfaction about works done for them, which proves this former statement right. Its very untrue for to have said many of their writers are lecturers, PhD holders and other qualified.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: is just a scam. They have nothing to offer to most students looking for assignments or essay writing helps. This company based in UK, has failed to provide first class and 2:1 kind of essays that they routinely advertise.


The custom prices offered to customers by is just very unaffordable. This people only want your money, placing so much interest in what will fill their pocket without considering customers comfort. Its advisable to check for some other websites to avoid being a victim of this fraud.


Taking an extra step to check this website for any service at all is just going to be of no good use. Its best to accept that they are not fit for what you want. Their writers are not in the best position to take care of your dissertations, essay or proofread, they are unqualified for that.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: would have been regarded better had it been they show care to their customers. This company has very rude staffs, giving no respect to the view of their customers.


Its even cool to say that plagiarism is mentioned on this site, but its very annoying to know that they do not practice the service. They do not verify the uniqueness of any of their works, so copied works are dumped for customers.


We do not recommend at all the use of this platform for any form of writing service. Customers who try to make trials will just end up with regret. They do even care to see if you will be happy or not? no they only want to see money credited in to their bank account.

Comments from students


The writer couldn't differentiate between past & present tense, words and ideas were all over the place. Caps were used where they shouldn't have been, and punctuation marks were all out of place. When I requested a different writer, they asked me to place a new order. I strongly believe the writer wasn't English speaking. Such a scam site!!!


I'd ordered a paper sending full instructions requesting an original paper in APA format. What I got was very poor quality with references cited in text that were completely inaccurate. company just randomly pulled sources and placed them anywhere in the paper. This was not paraphrasing. The articles had absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter. I'm so glad I went through the paper to verify everything. Had to completely rewrite.


Horrible Newessays company please don't use them. I am begging you they steal your money. The writiers do not have experience, they are generic everyday writers. Paid 256 for a paper, and didn't follow any of the instructions. I had to write the paper myself, and right now I am out 256. Doing your best is better than what this company can offer.

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