– Review is an online platform that provides direct contact for students who are in need of coursework solutions with experts depending on course or subject of the assignment. This platform was designed in such a way that a student can communicate direct with the person in charge of your paper. This company has been bragging about offering the best services in the business, if you really want to know if this is true or not then please join us by reading our review.


Their writers do not have vast experience in creating quality papers. They hardly follow deadlines and instructions. This team of writers are not versatile enough to handle academic essay. They cannot guarantee quality and high grades.There are no professional writers to write a top-notch essay for good academic grades. These writers are not versatile in writing an exceptional business essay for their client.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: does not give credit to good academic writing. Their writers do not have vast knowledge in producing a quality essay. They do not offer a remarkable service for the client. They are not worthy of any patronage. They do not maintain on-time submission of the project. Their custom paper is associated with error and plagiarism.Their team of writers lacks a wealth of experience in the various field, they are only restricted to a particular field. There is no assurance for perfect order. Their experience in writing a custom essay is minimal and does not account for positive results.


Its price is above the market average. This is the worst price we've seen so far, as it seems like the company just wants to make money instead of providing good customer service.Their custom essay paper is not competitive heir price is outrageous and it will be unwise for any student to seek their help. There is no quality associated with their services. In general their prices are very high compared to their services.


They include personalized essays as if there were nothing wrong. The custom tests they make are highly plagiarized. There is no speed in providing services. There is no guarantee of obtaining a personalized, quality and effective test. Many students do not feel comfortable using their services due to poor quality of work and slow staff. Customer personal information is not kept secret.


All they are good in is customer support. They provide you with a number, three email ids, and social ids such as Facebook, twitter, google plus, YouTube and Pinterest. But it’s still not good enough as the company doesn’t provide you with any kind of physical address. Their live chat feature is very slow.


So, a company with an outrageous website, a robbing pricing plan, no writer’s info, improper testimonials and improper customer support surely does not deserve to be trusted by customer. You must look for any other company in the market. We at Reviews uk rate them 1.5/5 and that is just for providing with their numbers and email id.

Comments from students


The product they are delivering is very disappointing. The paper has no research-based shreds of evidence to show its authenticity. Their quality of service leads you to get low grades. They deny their customers’ direction which they provide them for paper. They don’t work with pure intentions and it is highly disheartening for you to spoil your career with such spam company.


Their service is slow, sometimes they fail to deliver on time. The service quality is not reliable and the response rate is also poor.


It seems with this website that the negative reviews are correct, and that they can’t be trusted to produce a high quality paper. There is far too much focus on getting your business, and absolutely no effort to highlight how students can benefit from using their service, or why they are better for you and your grades.

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