– Review we know truly looks like a really good essay writing company, but we at the same time know that looks don’t always tally in measurement with the quality and productiveness of a company. Before going into deals or terms with an essay writing company, one must be sure that the company is legit and not one that is being operated by some cyber-criminals. Readyassignment is another online writing company and we have done a thorough research on them that will help guide you.

WRITER: claims to hire only the best of writers to work for them, well lets see about that!. At the time of our investigation on this company our statistics pulled out from the research show a different thing entirely. Readyassignment company had a number of 50 writers, 8 of whom have Masters Degrees, 5 with PhDs and 6 are based in the UK. This number obviously can’t meet up with level of demand that comes in.


We were right concerning our speculations from the review above (writers). The writers in can’t keep up with the level of demand so most times rush the papers just to keep up with the time of delivery because many complaints from previous reviews were about the misjudgments of how and when to use keywords and some grammatical errors were made too.


A guaranteed 2’1 level essay would cost you about $35.14 containing a limit of 500 words, two pages and to be delivered in 10days. Unlike some other company, you wont get a discount even as a first timer and there are no additional services to be rendered.


Before going into dealing with any online company you are expected to be at least sure that the company or branch is physically available. This company only provided its phone lines and emails but has not be totally honest with their practices because there was no place for a valid address showing the company’s authenticity.


This company has provided a steady 24/7 operating customer support system. Readyassignment are very responsive to the needs of their customers but they have issues with their refund policy. Its way much stricter than advertised, there is a very high probability that you wouldn’t get your money back.


Finally, is a company that one needs to be wary of. There is need for cautiousness when coming in terms with this company cause you may not be satisfied with the effort they put in.

Comments from students


What is more interesting: to get a normal paper out of date, or to get on time a sh*tty one? How about getting awful and out of date? That is what waiting for you at company. I doubt a lot that they have an idea of professional writing and what it actually means. Wouldn`t recommend to friends or classmates.


I was too lazy to look for other services and chose the first one I saw on google. Unfortunately, it was Poor quality, unhelpful managers, a website that is difficult to use, high prices and I can continue forever since the only thing this website can provide you with is a list of its cons. That`s it for now as I still need to finish the coursework which they failed to do.


Avoid at all cost. readyassignment is scammers. all the 5 start reviews are lies. if i could give 0 star i would. their work if plagiarised, full of mistakes and don't answer the question. customer service is poor as they never reply to your message. they also don't give refund even though they don't do the work.

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