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The company claims that it has native English speakers and PhD degree holders, writers. But, for proving this claim nothing has been given on the site, not their profiles nor any qualification proof. It shows that using such terms by the company are only for trading purpose. There is no reality in such a claim.


If the company had really well qualified or native English speakers it would definitely provide samples of their papers on the company site. In addition to this, we also investigated reviews of past customers of the company. And we concluded from their reviews that works of this company contain numerous morphological and syntactical mistakes. So, in quality, we found the company fully failed.


This is an expensive company. The services provided by this company are very costly. It charges $220 for 10 pages essay of high school level which cannot be afforded by the students. Also, the quality of the work is compromised.


Most of the customers have reported that the company is not reliable in terms of delivery on time. They have stated that they received services from the company about 2 days later from the deadline which affected their grades at institutions. Late delivery can create big problems for those who have a tight deadline at their organization. So, in terms of delivery on time, this company is not trustworthy.


The customer support staff of this company can only be contacted via chat which is not so reliable as the response time of staff is low. Customers are not helped at the time when they need assistance in any matters. In addition to this, when the staff is asked for refund or revision in cases of late delivery and bad quality respectively, no answer is given by the staff.


We found that company uses plagiarized materials in its writings as many offsite reviews by the company customers have reported. Having plagiarized materials in the papers are not acceptable by any organization, so working with this company is a total waste of time and money.


From the viewpoints of the above discussion is it possible to work with this company? indeed! Never. This company quality of services are worst cum used plagiarized materials in writings. Also, the prices of the company are high. So, this company should completely be avoided for writings.

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