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Their team of writers is constantly underrated by UK students and other customers that have had one bad experience with their poor service delivery. This company writers are not efficient and do not qualify to deal with an academic coursework writing project. They cannot be trusted, they do not maintain rules during coursework process.


Top coursework writing service firm in the UK my foot. Who made you the best in UK writing industry? don't represent any quality service, left alone to be the top quality service provider in the UK. This company cannot offer the top-notch quality required in academic coursework. They lack the professionals that can see this through. Courseworklounge are not efficient in service delivery. They cannot profound the help one require in an academic project.

PRICE: claim they are very affordable, yet the price they charge for a project can be used to order 2 to 3 coursework in other UK writing firm. Who is deceiving who? Courseworklounge charge high but unable to provide top quality service.


Why waste your precious time with an underrated company like, Courseworklounge are not credible and not worthy to be trusted. The credibility and quality one required in coursework writing is not featured in this company. The ability to provide 100 percent free plagiarism content is a big challenge to this company. They cannot be entrusted with sensitive tasks like coursework. They are not professionally based company, they lack what it takes to bring about proficient result. Do not be deceived by the beautiful graphics within their sites, they are not reliable.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: service team are bad. They fail to understand the efficacy of customers in an organization. They undermine client request at all times. Their customer service personnel do not have what it takes to manage the client efficiently and effortlessly. They lack customer credibility and do not value their client.


Always use a good and trustworthy company to achieve your academic plans. Avoid companies that will sabotage your career by providing plagiarized contents like

Comments from students

Liana site is a scam. I asked for and paid for a 1000 word essay with APA citations. They tried turning in a 400 word bullet point list. I had to request several times for revisions and it was ultimately never fully completed or turned in on time. They also gave me a lot of trouble in getting me the turn-it-in report to prove anti-plagarism. Their website clearly states they give these reports with each of their assignments. I contacted customer service and they said "well it depends on each expert." You don't get to choose your expert and their website states otherwise. I had to hackle them and continue to reference their terms of use in order for them to get my the report. Do not use them.


Made a check of the by them only to find out that the essay paper is a ditto copy of someone else's work. Want to sue these people for this kind of work who plays with my money, time and career. People please be careful of these scammer too. They will ruin you completely.


Courseworklounge are charging terribly high value. And therefore the special supply for imperative order is going to be provided in an exceedingly few hours is confirming their fakeness. It’s impossible to finish one intensive treatise in 48hours. They’re creating cash and spoiling the longer term of kids.

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