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The company has not given any details about its writers. This indicates that the site has very little amount of writers’ staff. And, littles staff of writers is always risky in terms of services’ quality.


The company seems that it has very fewer numbers of writers’ staff. On the other hand, this company completes around 700 orders daily according to site calculation. We wonder how such high numbers of orders are completed in single days. Definitely, the company services’ quality would be poor.


It is very expensive company. The cost company charge for 10 pages essay on high school level is more than $200. Students cannot afford such a high price. Besides, quality of company writings is also compromised.


This company is not trustworthy. It has not provided a physical address of the company on the website which indicates that the company is not registered. In case of any dispute with the company, it can be legally investigated by the court. So, be careful in dealing with this company.


The customer support system of this company is equipped with all features such as live chat feature, a phone line and also provides you with emails. It has been reported good by customers in case of pre-support. However, some customers have complained that company is not helpful after placing an order.


The writings this company provide you, are full of theft and piracy. It can be easily caught by any simple plagiarism checker website. With plagiarized content, the company do nothing but losing its customer’s faith in its service. They ask for a high price of such poor delivery. Unfortunately, this company is deceiving own customers with fake aptitude.


Working with this company is not reliable. It is just deceiving own customers with plagiarized papers on high cost. We advise you to avoid this company for writing purpose.

Comments from students


Big scam, don’t do it. They’ll take your money for nothing in exchange. And as the deadline comes, they ask for more money. Don't Trust this company.


This company is not working hard to make a good essay. They aren't good at it.


Freshessays claims that they're cheap however they are belongings they are not. The worth of the articles are high that’s not due for the scholars. Although, they charge additional if you've got some additional work.

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