Termpapereasy.com – Review

Termpapereasy.com claims themselves to be the best writing services, thy also claim that you will get an A+ with their services. But the services are different from what they are being described. This review will show what the company is saying is either true or not. And are the services provided are according to the market standards.


Termpapereasy.com commits to the customers in providing the best services but guess what they lack this proficiency. Quality content is not delivered, and they also take a lot of time while delivering the service. They claim to have a bunch of writers, but when it comes to the team, they initially have insufficient writers that can perform the tasks that you are assigning.


Wasting your precious time in just proving the services is an awful thing. We will prefer to take services from some reliable sources. Termpapereasy.com will poorly do the assignments that you are providing with silly grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. They surely provide a lot of quantity, but when it comes to quality, they literally does not owe it.


Termpapereasy.com provides different pricing plan that starts from High school and ends at PhD. The plans include high school, college freshman, college sophomore, college junior, college senior, masters and PhD, thus ranges from different time periods. The prices are relatively high according to the different time slots.


Trust is the most crucial factor in the progress towards work and creating a relation. This site guarantees quick input to the services but in true the nature of work is not as qualitative as a customer is expecting. The needs of the writing are also not fulfilled. The company trust is delimiting day by day due to a lot of mistakes they are doing.


Customer support is available 24/7 but the response time is so slow. The customers has to wait in queue just to get their queries delivered on time. With this response time it is actually difficult for a company to maintain it’s standards in the market.


Plagiarism is a big mistake that they are doing in the content. Along with the grammatical issues, the plagiarism is a big problem that comes in the content. This plagiarism is easily detected by most of the plagiarism checker software.


With these much issues, it is suggested to gave your work to a trusted company and get the solutions according to your standards. They also threat to contact university when asked for refund, So no refund policy. "We do not recommend at all to get services from this site".

Comments from students


I had a horrible experience with this https://termpapereasy.com company. I paid $231 for a paper that was guaranteed to get me a passing grade. I received a "D" for my business plan. I requested a refund but have never heard anything back. I don't recommend this company to anyone, they do not keep their word or live up to their "refund" policy. I want my promised refund.


I will never come to this termpapereasy.com site again. I wanted to cancel an order and have my money refunded back to my card. And I never received my refund they sent a bogus receipt saying that it was sent and once I called my bank they said there was nothing pending so I waited a week looked at my bank account and nothing so I told texted the termpapereasy guy and he said there is nothing else to do. THEY ARE SCAMS I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO DO ANY ESSAYS YOU ARE BETTER OFF GOING TO FIVERR THEY ARE MORE BETTER AND RESPECTFUL AND AT LEAST YOU CAN PICK WHO YOU WANT TO WRITE YOUR ESSAY. Why are you all keep telling me to check with my bank when I have check with my bank 8 times there was nothing pending and nothing came in. YOU ALL ARE SCAMS FORREAL THAT"S ALL YOU ALL SAY WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO SEND PEOPLE THEIR MONEY BACK.


They are a fraudulent termpapereasy that will call you 100 times to get your order, but once you place the order, their delivery is flawed and incomplete. After that, they say sorry but you CANNOT GET A REFUND because even if the work was incorrect, there was at least SOME work done! I have documented proof of this.

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