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When it comes to, they claim that they receive over 100 order per day and you will not be able to miss your deadline if you get their services. They also claim to offer multiple services, but when it comes to delivery of the work, that is of low quality. Not worthy of reckoning with.

WRITER: have a group of writers that work for them. They claim to have well-dedicated workers. But everyone knows that when it comes to delivering and finishing work, they show irresponsible behavior and become very rude. They do not own any excellent essay writing skill.


Delaying in tasks is an irritating thing that do, this is considered as the negligence in work. The organization believability is just sketchy, and they do not consider this. So due to these reasons they are not to be trusted by the customers who pay to get their essays and contents done.

PRICE: do not understand the monetary battle youngsters confront daily. Their prices are ultimately high than what they are delivering, youngsters cannot pay this much unaffordable prices as most of them are students. They just make you pay high and give a poor-quality service.


The trust is the foremost thing that a company owns and without this no company can survive within a marketplace. is just on the verge of losing all of the trust from the customers dur to the services that they are just providing.


The organization has promised to give a 24/7 customer support, but the customer operator does not answer on time. They have a presence on social media as well, but literally the response time is too slow. This is a worst scenario that any organization can even provide.


The organization claims to provide a plagiarism free essay, but when it comes to the delivery, they have major chunks of the content that is proving copyright infringements. 50 percent of the unique work doesn’t count when 50 percent is plagiarized.


No prompt delivery and no quality content. When this is the situation who will be able to trust a company anyhow. They also threat to contact university when asked for refund, So no refund policy. "We do not recommend at all".

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