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EduBirdie’s essay writing service is a great way to help many students all over the world write high-quality essays and save time on the research and essay creation processes.


Like all fishy companies out there in the market this website also claims to have one of the best writers in the market and yet even after that fails to provide any kind of profession or academic info regarding them. It doesn’t even acknowledge about their presence in the company.


This custom paper writing service is not fast and not reliable. The urgent assistance needed for academic paper is not attainable in this company. They do not take time out to create and compose custom paper from disregards the viability of value and unique essay. In the event that you want a quality article, and zero percent free essay, I advise you to keep away from this site.They are not qualified to direct and produce an organic essay.


This company’s price pack is high. Mind you, your contacts, and your credit cards details are not safe. This company is in for the money. They charge a very high fee with a minimal quality of service.The price of this company is not encouraging. The cost of personalized paper is overcrowded compared to other companies that offer personalized paper. They do not have students' interest in the heart. The quality of the service is not your password. Beware of this business.


This company is not reliable. Your personalized card is badly processed. is not a place of quality for a personalized writing service and a guarantee. This company does not have professionals to perform their urgent tasks. His service barely passes the plagiarism test. There is no privacy, that is, the client's personal information is not recorded by the general public.Each business or relationship requires some dimension of trust. In any case, it is bad to the point that Uk. as not earned any trust since the start of this organization. They can't be trusted. They have been known for the low and poor essay.


This copywriting service based in the United Kingdom cannot be trusted. A large number of students promise to stop using their writing service due to the inability of their support team. The customer support person is another difficult part of this organization. They do not react to complaints. They are not proactive to customer requests. Consumer loyalty is not guaranteed.The support system is poor. The efficiency of their customer care representative is questionable. They do not reply to client issues on time. There is always a delay in resolving order issues.


Their website has a robot detector, which tends to delay customers and annoy them at times. is not a place to find help or assistance for the academic custom paper. If you need an urgent help for academic custom paper, or you need a quality writing service provider I indulge you to use alternative writing service instead of seeking patronage from this ridiculous site. Overall rating from Reviews uk is 1.5/5.

Comments from students


The quality of the work the authors write is incredibly low-cost. They are unable to deliver the work round the clock. They never concentrate on the deadlines of the orders. The work quality isn't refined and not well-structured. We are not in favor of this service.


I didn't receive a timely delivery of the ordered assignment. This made me disappointed, as I literally had to wait in anticipation for a long time.


This company has high charges for their services which are not pocket-friendly for the students. It is only a waste of time and money as well if you are thinking of using this website for your essays.

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