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Going thoroughly through the comments made by various clients about, we were able to discover and come to a conclusion that the writers used by this company are just below required qualification for quality writing.


This is a sad part of the story of that their service is just worth nothing tangible. We say this with regards to previous works that have been delivered to customers who have fall victim of this poor service in the past. Till now, there are no essays or academic papers of high quality that have been presented by this company.


The range of prices charged for one page work by this company is actually very high and we would say unaffordable. They charge between $10 to $22 for works of high school to PhD students, which is too much to be afforded and this company don’t care if it hurts you.


Why will anyone even want to place their trust in this company, since many clients have reportedly dropped negative comments on their website regarding bad works that have been done for them. So, its clear this company can not satisfy your writing needs.


The recurring behaviours from the support team of is a total discouragement to tonnes of clients. They communicate rudely with people when issues of dissatisfaction about any previously delivered works come on board.


The statement made on the website that this company routinely perform plagiarism check to ensure 100% original essays are writing for clients that come to this site is nothing but false. They do not provide pure researched work to any of their clients under any circumstance.


Without wasting time to talk much more things about, its worth to know that this company are scam and fraud if we must tell. They collect money from potential clients and give them poorly written essays without considering how difficult it is for students to get money.

Comments from students

Gabriela is not a place where you should stay to place your order. Please be select and wise when you are going for help in a project.


I'd give it a zero if it was possible. guys are fakes 100%. I guess their so called experts which I believe is actually like a group of 3 or 4 people just copying and pasting other peoples assignments they bought from somewhere else and into a paraphrase software. I guess they couldn't find mine. I met their match. I submitted 3 requests and all 3 requests where backed out literally on the due date. I'm waiting for my refund will let you know on what these scammers do.


Biggest scam kingessays ever, stay away from them unless you want an headache, they literally don't reply to any of the queries, have incompetent "Experts" that put as much effort as a dog would put in your homework. They are the cancer of the assessment service world!

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