– Review is an online company that was created for the main purpose of helping and providing good quality essay help from professional writers to their customers who are mostly students. Essay help is mostly required, especially at the university level of students because at this point most students are still evolving and trying to get used to a new lifestyle and also the changes that come with it. Theessayhelp has promised to be of good quality but join us to see if they truly do offer great services.

WRITER: company has less than 80 employees, of which 45 are writers. Amongst Theessayhelp writers, they are just very few who are qualified meaning that there are 6 employees with Masters Degree and 5 are having PhDs. This stat states that the company is more populated with unqualified employees and this may cause poor quality output in any firm.


Reviewing the quality, the writers performed woefully in the orders we sent to them and other reviews came in with same complaints about the errors and delivery time; some also said that their orders came in late. Quality matters a lot when it’s concerned with essays.

PRICE: considerably offers cheap prices for their services and discount. For example, ordering a 2’1 undergraduate level kind of essay that consist of 500 words will cost about a sum of $32.32 and they also provide you with 10% discounts with the privilege of some additional services.


We’ve taking a good look at this company’s website and are they legit? Yes, because Theessayhelp provided a physical address. But the problem is that they didn’t provide any privacy policy to ensure that your person details are safe and secured.


This company has an online 24/7 customer service that make use of the live chat and emails to respond to the queries of their customers. But the problem is that, they are very slow to respond. There have been many complaints concerning the delay of response by this firm’s customer service agents to customer’s reports which is bad for business.

CONCLUSION: from this review has proven not to be qualified to be considered as a very good writing essay company due to the fact that the essay they delivered are not up to required standard that you desire.

Comments from students

Raelynn is a complete waste of time. You are never able to communicate directly with your writer. The staff members are very incompetent. They guaranteed me quality work and a completed capstone. However, three chapters in the process the staff decided to tell me my original writer took a vacation and due to there mishaps they tried to charge me double the price of what I originally requested. Do NOT use this site. They are deceptive crooks....bottom line! I wasted about $1400 for nothing!


Well, if you are thinking to place any order on then you are going to make a big mistake. They promise to get a perfect document but its 360 degrees opposite of what they promise. The quality is below the mark, the formatting and layout is so hastily done. We don’t pay money for naught.


You should avoid this theessayhelp site. Very poor writing also high plagiarism. I got F for that assignment.

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