– Review is a UK based organization that provides essay writing service for students, this includes the provision of proofreading and editing services but mainly involves the furnishing of model answers. An essay-writing service merely provides a bespoke model answer, giving you a more fixated learning aid, from which, in sum, the intention is to emulate the style standard and not to replicate the style content.


The first and main mistake of the company is not to mention its main employee, its publishers. Although there is a section on, but not yet mentioned, professional experience of the writers. This company doesn’t acknowledge its writers anywhere on the website; neither does it provide any info regarding them. The academic intelligence needed for the realization of the top quality essay is not resident in them. The review indicates that a large number of clients are dismayed over poor service.


They provide different essay writing options, dissertations, proofreading and advice and guardians. All of which are very poor, their essay are not free from plagiarism and contain lots of grammatical errors. They tend to use more than the required time for a simple work.

When you have poor writers it’s quite definite that the quality of services will be very poor. has done more harm than good for as many students that have used it.


Their price structure is very high; it does not motivate the student to use their services. Their prices do not take into account the difficulties encountered daily by the students. They reduce the quality, the interest of the students and tend to dry up when they inflame their prices. The website doesn’t provide a decent work, although their prices are awfully high, not up to expectations.


The trust of a company can be judged on the basis of its testimonies, because it concerns the comments of the clients and the experience of their writers. This company does not provide authenticity in this case because their testimonies are only quotations with names and writers not mentioned. You find it extremely hard to trust a website who doesn’t deliver in time and fail to stay in touch with their client. Reviews uk give them a1/5 rating.


Their customer care support staffs do not give a quality support service to the client. phone contact is poorest; customer care representative takes ages to respond to customer calls.

They provide an address and an email address which is very redundant.

They also provide their social media platforms, which are as good as nothing. This is one of the poorest customer support you will see in recent times.


It is good to seek academic help during essay assignment, but it is disastrous to use unqualified essay writing provider like to conduct your project. This company does not have the sufficient know how to bake quality essay. They are very time consuming and don’t usually provide the best of essays. They are prone to grammatical errors and mistakes. It’s highly advisable that no student should visit this site, in any circumstance. Reviews uk rate this site a 1/5.

Comments from students


They are not good at providing you 100% plagiarism free content. They also use paraphrasing tools available on the internet.


Little did I know what they call a legitimate academic service is actually a scam. It was only after I got in touch with them that I understood that they are not based in my country at all. They could not tell me where they are located and it's safe to say that they don't really appoint native writers to prepare your assignment.


The worst experience ever!! I was not sure about should I make an order again. Don’t go and waste your money and time!

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