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The writers of this company are authoritative, abusive and rude. They are their own bosses and misguide the audience by presenting them with low-quality paper. They are not focusing the grammatical mistakes and formatting style as instructed while placing order. They are not professionally dealing with their clients and a bossy attitude is their major problem.


The product they are delivering is very disappointing. The paper has no research-based shreds of evidence to show its authenticity. Their quality of service leads you to get low grades. They deny their customers’ direction which they provide them for paper. They don’t work with pure intentions and it is highly disheartening for you to spoil your career with such spam company.


The prices are very high. Students can’t afford the heavy charges because they are not capable of paying heavy dues for their academic paper writing. If you want a quality enhancement paper please avoid this agency to get help and put yourself in trouble.


It is the company's responsibility to build-up trust in customers by giving them reliable services. The company fails to satisfy their clients because they are doing fraud.


Whatever a company is claiming should be implemented while dispatching your order. This company is just skimming and trapping students by exaggerating their fake work. They are not adding content from the authentic website instead of using random blogs which are not much research-based.


The content is not written on their own rather copied and pasted from websites. This full plagiarized data is highly affecting your grades. They also make grammatical mistakes.


The company is not a place to order your academic purposes. You should be good at searching for the best site for you to get help regarding your future career.

Comments from students


Writer threated us when we complained that the paper was poorly written. company reassured us the writer was being terminated but she is till working for the company.


If I can put no stars I would. I gave them a deadline of six hours and didn’t do the assignment for a whole day. They assigned me a writer and then said that they didn’t have one for me. I asked for at least a discounted refund and they said no. My assignment was late and I got a bad grade. So unacceptable site.


This is a shame. BEWARE!!! Paperslounge are late with my project and are still telling me to keep waiting. My project is late I don't understand what to keep waiting for. They don't want to cancel my order, but keep telling me to wait. I have been talking in a chat with them over their website more than an hour asking them to cancel my order. These are their replies to my request: "In a few minutes", "Please let us still finish this", "Let us give you a store credit for your next order and a discount of 15%". The person replies every 5min to my request and keeps delaying what I am asking him to do. He still didn't cancel the order. These are our last sentences and it was over 10min ago and I'm still waiting and he is nor replying anymore.

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