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If you are searching for a reliable writing firm for any of your essay, do avoid writers, they don't listen to instructions. Coolessay are very slow in service delivery. They lack proper orientation on the nitty-gritty of academic essay writing. They often give a frivolous excuse for errors and delays in project handling.


This company is not the right choice for best and quality essay. The efficiency and proficiency required in an academic essay are not resident with Coolessay decline instructions. Their services are not to be reckoned with. They prefer using their guidelines rather than following project instructions.


This company price is large, it is not affordable to a large number of students, this essay offering service place high primacy over price than producing an efficient academic result. They have an unreasonable price package.

COMPANY TRUST: is not a credible online essay platform to buy academic essay. All their writers do not fit in, they cannot guarantee a quality service. This company staff does not meet the standard of proficient essay provider. Essay paid for are not delivered at the appointed time, there are always delays in service delivery. Coolessay is incapable to give the best essay writing services. Their paperwork is reluctantly done, without proper coordination and thorough research.


This set of people is also very slow in handling client orders and request. Coolessay don't send a notification once you order paper online. Their helpline is constantly in a busy mode, and often times they do not reply to inquiries.


If you are looking for the best essay online offering service to rely on for your academic essay assistance, I suggest you seek a viable option that can coordinate and ensure top quality of project work. is not credible and not worthy to bring about efficient and top-notch quality that precedes academic writing.

Comments from students

Rowen gave me a non formatted non-referenced dissertation that would not be selected anyhow. I called them to thrice to resolve my matter. But they straight hung up on me. They did not bother to call me again.

Rosa is a fraud. The quality of their work is the shittest piece of work, charging a hell of lot of money and convincing for the premium quality with extravagant prices and false promises of great work.


The work quality is not satisfactory because they use unstructured language that is unable to make any sense. Their writing lacks unity and coherence. The writers are unable to complete the work in time. Please avoid such fraud cool essay sites.

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