– Review is an online editing company that claims to provide service for editing purposes. In following we are going to review its website.


First of all Studentassignmenthelp company does not acknowledges its own writers or editors properly. All you find about them are three lines in about section.


Though they claim to have mastery in number of subjects yet there is no info regarding the writers or editors of this company. Then the testimonials are just name with quotes. So you basically can’t judge the quality of their work.


The most bizarre part is that haven’t mention about their pricing plan anywhere on the website. Studentassignmenthelp is not even a pricing calculator nor a proper quoting method. All they give you is a form which you have to fill and then they will send you a quotes. But who knows if the pricing is uniform for all the customers or not.


Seriously if you look at the website I would suggest you not to trust them. haven’t provided any useful information on their website about their services or anything. Whatever you see is a mission statement not a logical or factual information that could be trusted. And as discussed above they are not providing you proper testimonials or any info regarding their writers or editors.


One thing Studentassignmenthelp are good at is customer support. They provide you with phone number, email id, social media ids such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google plus and also a physical address.


Since they don’t provide any kind of sample on their website that could be check for plagiarism so we were unable to review them on this point.


So, a company with lunatic website, No pricing plan, no writer’s info and no testimonials surely does not deserve to be trusted completely by customer. You must look for any other company in the market, still if you want them to be of service for you, you should pay them a visit and check for your own-self. We rate them 1/5 and that is just for providing with their numbers and email id.

Comments from students


Absolute joke - don't waste your money for this company! I didn't get what I paid for, I highlighted this in many emails and was just told 'this is what you paid for.' I didn't get the degree I wanted because I was silly enough to place my trust in this company - I failed and then had to take a lower level degree in a slightly different subject, which wasn't at all what I wanted/needed to have the career I had chosen.


I ordered math coursework. Can you believe didn’t get the right solution? I submitted the homework because I thought I was hiring a professional to complete it. And I got a bad grade on it.


I used to work as a freelance writer for Studentassignmenthelp and have to say that they often overcharge their clients and yet pay so little to their writers. It is a lie when they claim that they pay £50 per 1000 words. Their website is full of false claims. I would never recommend working for this company.

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