– Review offers you a series of different services including essay writing, term papers, dissertations, research papers, reflective writing and creative writing but all at a low quality. The things that you expect from the services are far more different than what they are offering. In following we are going to discuss the service in detail.


The company claims to have the best writing services along with a team of reputed writers. But, when it comes to delivering services they have a low quality service. The writers do not show any of the diligence while writing up about a content. Thus, the company has to raise a little bit of it’s standards to prove that they exists and are delivering something valuable.


The quality of the services that they provide are down to earth. When it comes to the quality, they are just doing the tasks for the sake of money. Service delivery in an appropriate and qualitative way are thus 2 distinct things and the company that owns and fulfills them is the best in providing quality to the customer.


Price are not too high but are not too low either according to the services that they are providing. Service providence is a principal factor in a company’s history. Delivering low quality product at this price is totally inappropriate and insane. The company should raise her standards.


The trust that customers had once on the company is now shading and the company is just on the verge of losing it’s clients. Don’t judge this company based on reviews that are displayed because they can be fake.


The customer support is also not as good as it is described. They surely have chatbots and other communication means but the response time is too slow, and this just delineates a customer from the path. Customer support is a crucial factor so the company should not neglect this.


The organization claims to provide a plagiarism free essay, but when it comes to the delivery, they have major chunks of the content that is proving copyright infringements. 50 percent of the unique work doesn’t count when 50 percent is plagiarized.


Plagiarized work along with low quality and in a high price is not the expectation of a client. So the company should better raise their standards. The way the company is working, “We do not recommend it at all.”

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