– Review has been criticized for lacking professionalism as a company. There are instances where the platform has reportedly contacted universities when users requested refunds, a practice that may be considered unprofessional and inappropriate. Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the authenticity of their stated location, with suggestions that it might be misleading or inaccurate. Users should be cautious and thoroughly investigate these aspects before engaging with the platform.


While experiences may vary, some users have reported challenges with customer satisfaction on According to feedback, writers may not always adhere strictly to provided writing guidelines, potentially leading to discrepancies in the delivered work. Additionally, the claim that Studybay's team of writers cannot consistently produce unique content within a 24-hour timeframe has been raised.


At, the standard of their dissertations falls short of expectations. Contrary to the claim that Studybay provides top-notch essay writing services in the UK, the reality is quite different. The essays they deliver do not meet the desired quality, and punctuality is a significant issue. The time delivery is lacking, with writers displaying a notable lack of efficiency. Furthermore, the diversity of writers across various niches is limited. Excuses offered for delays in essay delivery are often flimsy and unsatisfactory.

PRICE: may mislead UK students by displaying deceptive pricing on their website. Affordability is not a characteristic of this essay writing firm, as their primary focus appears to be profit-oriented. Regrettably, the pursuit of quality is not a priority for the company.


It is not advisable to consider for a reliable and high-quality dissertation service. If you wish to avoid disappointment and frustration, it is recommended not to depend on the essay writing services offered by this company. has a low trust score, indicating a lack of reliability and efficiency in providing quality essays. The credibility of their customer service is questionable, and it does not rank among the top UK essay writing firms. Professionalism is notably absent in this establishment, and it's advised to exercise caution and skepticism as they may not be trustworthy and could be deceptive.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT:'s customer support has been reported as subpar, with users expressing dissatisfaction. Some users have reported a perceived neglect of the company's core focus on addressing client needs. The customer care team, according to feedback, appears to lack appreciation for client patronage, contributing to an overall perception of ineffective and unsatisfactory customer support.


Customers have expressed deep disappointment as they did not anticipate receiving 100% plagiarized content from PhD scholar writers, a standard one would expect to be upheld at such an academic level. This breach of trust raises concerns about the quality control and integrity of the services provided by these supposed experts. Such occurrences can significantly impact the reputation of the service and leave customers dissatisfied with the delivered content.


After engaging with, there are reports of customers feeling deceived. It seems that the platform may be involved in creating misleading impressions or providing information that leads to a sense of being fooled or misled. Users should exercise caution and thoroughly assess their experiences with the platform to ensure transparency and reliability.

Comments from students


Horrifying. Paid almost 300 pounds for a first class literature review. It wasn't even written in proper english and there was absolutely no flow to the writing, jumped from one point to the next within the same sentence. Incomplete thoughts. I thought the bad reviews may be exaggerating but they're not. I'm shocked at the quality and will be advising all my friends looking for dissertation help against their service. Do not waste your time for this company.


I paid $150 for my biology assignment and received an F in the paper written by the experts at Initially, they had said that I could ask for a refund if I did not get pass grades in the paper. However, they did not respond to my phone calls.


I am writing this Studybay review so that others can learn from my mistakes. As a student of Economics, I purchased a short essay from this website. I received, to my horror, an essay that was chock full of grammatical errors and theoretical misconceptions. My nephew who is in high school could have written a better essay.

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