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This is a platform that offers services using little number of writers that are just hardly more than 20. Many of them are advertised as qualified professionals & researchers but for the record, its not true. While they deliver works ofpoor grammaticalstructures to most of their clients.


Majority of the services provided by this platform is only to make money ¬hing else special. They have no unique contents in their works, and they care not about issue of plagiarism. Despite they mentionedon their site that one of their service is free plagiarism check, but they do nothing related to this.


Giving of discount to anyone whoprovidesreferrals for their site is another trick adopted by to secure attention of the crowd. Whereas, when most of the targeted clients come around, high charges are placed on them. This site is clearly unaffordable for students with low incomes.


Ten days return back guarantee spoken of by this site, how will it help customers who do not file complains very early? Clearly their queries won’t be attended to, which isvery disgusting. They do not provide 100% original write ups for their clients.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: often advertises24 hours a day &7 days a week customer support service. But it is just a deceptive content. They do not respond on time to queries of their customers.


This platform is well known for not delivering plagiarism-free works at most times. This is very discouraging to many of their clients and they tend not to return for other services. The one time experience is not good enough at all.


Despite the fact that makes mention of total confidentiality, they do not keep up with the promise. They are just scam, and they make threat to customers who seek refund occasionally.

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