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Finding a legit and very resourceful online writing company these days can be war. There are a whole bunch of these websites that claim to have to best resources at hand but on delivery they seem to perform poorly while some other websites are being operated by cyber-criminals to launder money from the clueless. happens to be a company in this line of business. For today the question is legit? Can they provide you the quality you desire?


This company has over 50 writers who they claim to all be professionals but after we investigated into this company’s every detail we discovered that the writers comprises more of person who are less qualified for the job. In these 50 writers, there are 10 masters degree holders, 8 persons are with PhDs and none of them are UK based.


Quality of a write-up is the most important aspect when it comes to essay writing. the quality is what comprises of the uniqueness, creativity and originality of a write-up. This company has had series of reports from previous users concerning the issues that they had with their delivered paper. This complains were mostly focused on plagiarism, misplacement of words and lack of creativity.


The price charged here are very much considerate in comparison to other online writing companies. Getting a Grade A level of essay would cost you $32.68 containing 500 words in two pages and will be due in 10 days maximum. Rushessays offer no discounts and additional services.

COMPANY TRUST: made no provision for its physical address and there no privacy policy offered when registering. This privacy policy ensures that your personal information and details are secured while the physical address of a company shows its real location. Always ensure to check out for these two factors before dealing with any online company.


The support system in is very much alive but despite that previous clients still complain about the company not provide the best support. Communication with the agents can be very difficult at times because not all the staff speak native English.


Lastly, to be honest and frank with you, dealing with Rushessays might be one of the worst decisions that one shouldn’t make because they will definitely rush your essays. Make more enquiries to ensure that you’ll get the best out of this kind of services.

Comments from students


I started working for this company, but quit when I learned the inner workings of their business. They say they produce "model example essays" but this is simply a cover-up. Behind the scenes, there is a sophisticated platform where writers bid to complete students' essays and dissertations. When "alterations requests" come back, there is a thinly-disguised attempt by the staff members to conceal the fact that they are tutors' comments, purporting to come from the customer themselves. There is a don't ask don't tell' policy at the company where everyone acts as though the services are legitimate, hidden behind the facade of their terms and conditions. Companies like this devalue education. Don't be fooled.


This site mentions a customer care number which says that they are open 24 hours. I had taken my from them. But there were parts missing in the final copy. So I tried to call them. But no one responded. I warn you all not to get your work done from this site as you will get no service later.


Never give them any assignment to do. Rushessay will never do it for you and even if they do you will not get what you want. I have the same experience and so I am warning. I do not want anyone to waste money like I did by giving them to write and getting a horrendous paper.

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