– Review claims to have the best distinct custom writing services for their users and customers. It was assumed that they will provide the best services as freelance writers, editors, rewriters and assignment writers. Let us aware you with the fact that these scam websites are just working for their own betterment. The falsification of the services can make inconveniences in the future for you, so just BE AWARE!


It was assumed that the writers present at the site are highly qualified and competent but what if this is all a fraud and scam? claims that they have a highly sophisticated group of writers presenting out their best for you, but this is not true. The writers present there show high negligence in the work and provide inefficient output of the work.


Wasting your precious time in just proving the services is an awful thing. We will prefer to take services from some reliable sources. The services provided by the company are unreliable. There is several mistakes and errors in the content that is provided to the customers in return of a high amount. Quality measures are never achieved through the service they are providing.


It will not be a false statement if we say that they are setting more prices than what they are delivering. Prices are relatively high according to the quality and services that they are providing. You can find several other companies who are providing the same stuff with better quality and nominal prices. According to our suggestions, we will never get a service from this kind of site.


This site guarantees quick input to the services but in true the nature of work is not as qualitative as a customer is expecting. The needs of the writing are also not fulfilled. The company trust is delimiting day by day due to a lot of mistakes they are doing. There are a lot of negative reviews on the website describe the low worth of quality, services, and price.


The site claims that they provide a customer support 24/7, but this is not true in the case due to which they are providing services. These people never care about the issues and problems of their clients, all they do care about Is the money.


The content that they provide you are full of copyright infringements. Violation of the privacy of other individuals’ thesis is no more than a crime. Any plagiarism software can provide the true report of plagiarism. This is a crucial fact that they are charging more than what they are providing.

CONCLUSION: is just deceiving students and customers by not providing what they are expecting from them. They threat to contact university when asked for refund, So no refund policy. "We do not recommend at all." doesn’t have the efficient experts that can fulfill the needs and requirements of a content. Customer quality services are poor and less than what you are expecting.

Comments from students


I curse the day when I ordered writing services. My whole academic career is on stake. Who would be answerable for this disastrous term paper?


BEWARE!!! Stay away from this company! They are fraud and scammers!! They are fighting with my bank still since DECEMBER 2020!! They didn’t do anything just did a plagiarized papers and I FAILED MY CLASS. Unbelievable!! Please and stay away from this company again!!!! Save your time and money.


It was my worst experience ever and I will never want to trust thepensters again. They said that my business assignment was written by a Master Degree nerd, I have paid $200 for it for 1200 words work done in 6 hours term and I tell them my assignment was overdue and I must submit asap so I need them to make it as good as possible, but all I receive was a Fail, I have given them all the required information, my task said they need to list the references in a seperate page and APA style, but they even did not follow the requirements. I have already said that it was an emergency, deadline is due and I wanted them to make sure everything. I DO NOT want to pay $200 to receive a Fail from my unit. I want their appologize and refund!!! DISAPPOINTING SERVICE.

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