Dissertationhomework.net – Review

There are companies these days that helps students with their coursework. These companies serve as platforms where students and professionals in different field of study meet. Dissertationhomework.net is one these platforms that provide help with this type of services. Dissertationhomework help the student obtain a little more leisure time and in the same process help them reach their maximum potential by guiding them through their academic journey. But since they are so many of these kinds of platform out, we are here to guide and advise you on which platform will be the best for you.



Dissertationhomework.net has a number of 48 writing working in their company. We know that this is a low number considering the amount of demand this company receives. There are 6 writers who have completed their master’s degree programme successful, 3 PhD holders and none of the writers are UK based.


We had Dissertationhomework.net do some very popular essays for us and from our findings we discovered that this company’s writers did perform horribly as the papers we got back lacking creativity and uniqueness. Some of them were plagiarized and the other lacked authenticity and quality.


The prices here are as low as the quality of service that you get. Getting a 2’1 type of essay would cost about a sum of $27.68 containing 500 words in two pages and will be delivered in 10 days. But just remember before getting to excited that the quality of an essay is most important.


Trust is found as a very influential commodity that needs to be achieved when it comes to business. Dissertationhomework has no physical address available on its website, which marks a red flag on it. One should be very careful because this company might just as well fraud you of your money.


Dissertationhomework.net also did not provide a well organized and developed communication system. The company’s developers failed to provide a Live Chat feature has grown to become the fastest means of communication between customers and the company. This feature is more effective than the phone lines and emails.


From our own research, we found out that the company has rendered itself incapable of providing good quality, security, and a well developed communication system. Although, the price might be cheap but I think you should go for quality over price and quantity.

Comments from students


Never trust this https://dissertationhomework.net site. Please make a note of it. They will tell you many sweet things, make false promises, convince you by saying that they will completely with all of your requests but in the end will do nothing about it. I gave them to write my assignment to them and now I am suffering a lot to get it done.


The write plagiarized the paper and dissertationhomework.net would not offer a refund. Beware, I wouldn't use this company.


Dissertationhomework has a team of authors and editors from diverse backgrounds but the bitter reality is that they are incapable of securing your future perfectly. The writers do not have any professional attitude and they are not serious with their work.

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