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The company has not provided any detail of its writers. Thus, keeping confidential details of writers produced a bad impression on us. The customers are unknown to their hiring writers.


The company site does not possess any sample of papers to determine the quality of writing. However, we searched for customers reviews where we found many reports that suggest that company writings material is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, some reports were about no use of transitions words to connect sentences and paragraphs. Thus, in quality, this company is failed.


It is a very expensive company. Students are charged around $300 for 10 pages essay. Therefore, this is not a good company in terms of rates.


This is not a registered company as it has no physical address. This means that in case of any dispute with the company, you can not put a case in a court against the company.


The customer support system of the company is very slow, as it can take a long time to get a reply from them regarding any help. This is not an ideal support system if you’re trying to get help when you’re up against a deadline. There have been a few customers who have complained about this.


We found that the company papers contain around 40% plagiarized materials on average. This is not a reliable company in terms of originality of the work.


It is our friendly advice to keep away from the company relating to writing services. The big issues are high prices and bad quality of the services.

Comments from students


Everything you said in this review is true. They call themselves experts but they’re just a bunch of cheats and scammers. I asked them to edit my work for 150$ but they just botched my work and I ended up with poor marks on a major subject! The writer just replaced some words with synonyms and pretty much just reshuffled some sentences. Such a failure. Better to just close your business!


Let me tell you something about this website. It’s the worst! First of all, they wouldn’t even respond. And when they did, they couldn’t understand my requirements. After 3 rewrites, I finally gave up and decided to just submit what they wrote for me. Surprise, surprise! I got a D.


This is impotent to make smart relations with the customers. They're not honest with their sayings. This Essays company isn't trustable as a result of their service being slow, they use to threaten the scholars if he asks for a refund.

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