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WRITER: tutors are not the best private tutor in the UK. Though they claim to make use of lecturers, Ph.D. and Master holders but do not guarantee efficient service. Theprofs is not firm to locate a quality private tutor for college or university tasks. They are not proficient and they should be ignored.


They claim they have proven track records just to persuade the prospective client to patronize their services. The only record I have seen in this company is poor service delivery. Their tutors hardly have time for the client. They are always in haste to meet the target. The tutor does not care if a student comprehends their services or not. Thousands of students are not happy after using the services of this tutoring company.


Their prices are not competitive, and it is not friendly at all. They do not offer a reasonable private tuition fee. This firm cannot be recommended. Theprofs price can suck pocket dry by using their tutoring services.


Despite the vast years of establishment, do not facilitate a standout tutoring service to students. The claim multiple awards, yet they often despise due to poor tutoring service. Theprofs company staff is not professional in their operations. They are not reliable and cannot be trusted for educational consultation. The tutors are not qualified to mentor students on the academic endeavor.


Even the support they give to the customer is extremely low and stressful. Their 24/7 support service is a strategy to lure clients into their den. They do not have WhatsApp portal, and their live chat is not responsive. are delays to answer client request.


This tutoring provider does not have what it takes to increase academic grade and build up confidence in the student. They do not deserve any patronage.

Comments from students

Maria company does NOT stand behind their product. When I pointed out the grammatical errors the rebuttal that I received was This service is designed for you to have an idea, you should use this as a guide and by no way is this meant to be a finished product. When I stated to them that I could not use this trash they said that they would be willing to work something out based on cost. Thanks but no thanks!


DO NOT USE THEM. Fake reviews! All my papers are PLAGIARIZED. They won’t refund me or anything. This is a Scam!!! I repeat do not waste your money !


All the good reviews on here are fake. I know this because all the bad reviews are the same problem that I had. Theprofs are frauds, they charge ridiculous overpriced papers and homework and the quality is garbage. They lie to you saying they have professionals, if you don't get a good grade they will refund. I paid over 200 bucks for an assignment and I ended up getting a D for it... I messaged them back with evidence and they lied and wouldn't give me any refund at all. And the grammar and spelling is so sloppy that I'm pretty sure a 2nd grader could've done a better job. Nerdifys standards are extremely low and all the grades you extremely poor. Why pay someone to give you bad grades when you can do it yourself? They are a fraud company.

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