– Review provides students a channel that connects writers and students. It also serves as a means of providing help for and relieves stress of students who sometimes have difficulties in writing essays or have very busy schedules that don’t give them the free time to do so. helps you with a professional writer that will do the job of writing for you. This review will help you know if this is best for you or not. We tend to be very transparent with our findings.


Presently, has just 67 writers work under it and when investigating this company we found out only 6 of them are from the UK, 10 of whom are masters degree holders and 8 are PhD holders too. Cheap-dissertation-writing is really a minute number of qualified personnel and also a small number of labour force.


We ordered the services of to check for ourselves and see if their writers were creative and had the required skill to compete in the market. Disappointment came upon our faces when this paperwork got back to us, the feedback was shocking but was just as expected because of the high number of unqualified writers that they employed. The paperwork was filled with errors that we know most students on their own won’t make. The work was not proofread probably because the workers are under populated for the demand at hand.


The pricing tags that come along with ordering this company’s services is slight high compared to the quality of their writers. Getting a 2’1 kind of essay may cost about $61.72 with 500 words and it will be due in a max of 10 days, how fair is that? There many services out there that would offer you a cheaper rate with a much better quality than this one.


Trust is a very essential aspect of a business. This company never provided any visible address on their contact page which is very bad for business because if eventually you have been scammed there will be no permanent resident to return to lay your complaints.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: has provided steady online features that consist of Live Chats, emails and phone lines that operate 24/7. But we discovered that they were a few issue with the services; Cheap-dissertation-writing reply slowly and don’t respond to cases that involve refund policy. If you want a refund you’ll be directed to an email to might never give you a reply.


The above review has shown that this company lacks the resources to ascertain a competitive advantage in the market. The quality output was poor and company lack the ability of transparency, that is, cannot be trusted because of the inability to provide a visible address for its customers. Please do have a second thought before coming in terms with this company.

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