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This is a scam site because its URL is not found. When we tried to visit the site, it appears to us that such a server could not be found. The site may have been worked in the past as we found off-site customer review about the company. It was said by them that the company writers are low qualified and nonnative English speakers.


Regarding the quality of the service, we also found that the company provided poor quality work. The site work was unknown to various writing styles of papers. Also, spelling mistakes were common in their services.


We also found that the company charged about $20 for a single page of an essay, which was more than the high rate for the students.


The company is scam because we could not find any server on its URL. It shows that it was just open for looting people, making money and deceiving students.


The off-site customer reviews show that its support system was very quick, polite and responsive before placing order. But one order was placed, the team member was never found. It means that quickness, and politeness of the support team before placing an order were for attracting customers and deceiving them.


The customers also complained that the company work contained about 85% plagiarized material.


We do not recommend such site or any other with a similar URL to be visited by the customers. Because it can loot and deceive you.

Comments from students


DO NOT USE https://editask.co.uk IS A SCAM. I should have listened to the reviews that reviewed them so badly! Ordered quite a few assignments from them received my grades back recently for these orders and guess what? I failed! Absolute joke, they claim to give you the 'high quality paper's no they don't at all. I failed two modules and received a D in the other. When asked for a refund after showing proof they failed me they said no because it's our decision to hand in the work as out own. But doesn't that defeat the point of these sort of websites that they produce the work for you to submit? Instead they gave me a 10% discount of my next order like I'm really going to order again after taking all my money for stupid ridiculous grades they have no idea what they're doing apart from taking people's money.. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and the impacts it has on students who trust in you. A JOKE SO DONT USE. pathetic.


Editask.co.uk are bunch of scammer to steal your money; do not every trust them. They are school kids who would ruin your educational life. I submitted an assignment and paid above 100$ and the work returned was just my documents and the person who was chatting sounded like a kid of 8th grade. Please don't waste your time here, try to find somewhere else and make sure you explain them and get your answers before you can pay the down payment for the work; I have disputed through the paypal and hopefully, they will get the money out of this scammer.


The writers of the team editask are very rude and judgmental. They are not professional and never follow ethical concerns. They have a lack of skills and seem lacking in quality education. They are showing the high profiles of writers but their level of English vocabulary is poorer than that of a seventh grade child.

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