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Essaylook is another company that claims that it has all native English-speaking writers and all are graduated. But no information about them is given on the site. Besides, proof of their qualification is not available. This indicates that the site is just trading on the name of native English and graduated writers.


On the company site, no sample paper is available to check its quality. Therefore, we checked offsite reviews of past customers. There we found that the majority have reported poor sentence and paragraphs writings in their papers. Besides, many have complained that the references provided in papers to them were not authentic.


This company has also a bidding system of prices. This stem is not reliable as the writers set high prices on the orders they bid. In this system, the customers are charged hundreds of dollars.


This company is not as reliable as it is not registered. No information was found regarding this company location. This is a serious concern because, in case of dispute with the company, you will be not able to take the matter into court.


The customer support team of this company is not helpful. Customers are not assisted by this site. In addition to this, the refund policy for this company is strict.


We found that the company resold papers to its customers. Besides, about 50 to 60 % of plagiarized materials are found in papers provided by this company.


It is our nice advice to our viewers that they should refrain from them salves from this company. Because this is an illegal company not registered. In addition to this, the quality of the papers is not good.

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