Tutoriage.com – Review


The Tutoriage.com has a team of multiple writers but none of them is looking professional and competent by their work. Their way of communication is weak which the major evidence of their low qualification is.


The quality of work that they deliver does not meet the requirements of the customers. The structure of the content and the context of the text does not have unity, coherence and meaningful sense.


They charge high for the writing. The work quality is not reliable but they use to charge high from the clients by making lame excuses. The charge extra for the custom orders. If anyone wants fast delivery they do not offer at all.


This company is not trustable because they are impotent to build good relationships with the customers. The writers do not offer packages to the clients. They do not even offer fast delivery on demand


The service of the company is not satisfactory because they are not available 24/7 for clients. They do not reply in time to the questions of customers.


The writers are not creative enough to write original content for the customers. They use to copy content from different sites and claim that it is original.


Conclusively, this company is not good for your grades. They are a fraud and making you fool by presenting them as perfect. We do not recommend this company at all.

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