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It would have been really good, supposing the set of writers for are diligent in what they do, and also provide quality essays. But its a sad story to know that there are no experts among the writers operating on this platform. They get to make their clients experience late deliveries on several occasions.


Its not an understatement to say that is poor and inefficient at what they do. They have no quality service to offer to potential clients around the world. Its just disappointments from ever sector of their writing services that is being experienced majorly.


There is a clear target of plan to scam many persons by not making visible the prices charged for each work on this platform for new clients. On the contrary, they charge very high when interest for any order is put forward by respective clients.


The services offered by has been in no form encouraging nor in position to motivate more clients to return for other jobs to be done. Why? Its simply because many of the clients experienced dissatisfaction from the previous works done for them.


The fact that clients can send messages to the support staff of this platform, when there is need for complains to be made or any form of questions are needed to be asked in order to follow up the progress of each work, is just a mere bag of lies.


Plagiarism reports for every works done are not even provided to many of the clients who have worked with in the past. They do not want to spend extra cost or more time on checking for plagiarism of any of their essays.


To buttress this whole review, there is every reason to say that is not a perfect platform to handle any of your writings. We do not recommend them at all as they are even scam and sometimes they make no deliveries as at when due.

Comments from students


They claim that they need “handsome prices” however really the costs aren't enticing. They charge high as compared to other competitors. They are unable to fulfil the expectations of the scholars.


This is only a wastage of money and time if you are using this company because their performance is not high like their prices. The support system team is not efficient and unable to facilitate buyers. If students want any modification in the running order they do not cooperate with them.


Never place an order with them because they are way below average. Their write up is shocking and alarming. Grammar is so poor. Order is far too expensive. Please run from them.

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