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WRITER: claim to have the high-quality writers who may perform the described actions with all required expertise but as mentioned above really is awful, you will never ever get the quality content for any single topic you assign them. The written statement will tempt you to do nothing except beating your own head. Inefficient employees with lack of competent expertise are not well enough to provide you with a worthy gear. Further, Freelancehouse have insufficient staff to get your stuff done in due time. So, better to find any other company instead of regretting later.


The site was supposed to provide quality services but the review suggested that it didn’t work in that way. Their service is never up to the defined standards. All the process of dealing with them will just make you frustrated. Due to lack of quality in their service, they are unable now to capture the good strength of clients.

PRICE: have no justification for charging such a high price for the very low standard service. Other competitors offer really high-quality stuff at very rational prices. Seriously, who will agree to buy an expensive coat with zero benefits? I found no reason to convince you to buy their service in the offered package.


Trust, repute and good will are the intangible assets a business withholds for a long-life to compete in the market. This site has just been failed to please its customers with its product quality. They generated nothing to win their customer’s confidence. I get to know by studying their site that all customers who tried their products rated them no more than 2 out of 10.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: offer you to assign personal project managers to each individual who gets to purchase their service. This Freelancehouse is not many kinds to deal with your issues and concerns, they wouldn’t respond you in time or their response wouldn’t be enough to get you adequate information. They just claim to be there for you all days in the week but never provide you the definite idea to complain against their poor quality service.


The stolen content they provide you would never be beneficial in any academic ground, instead, you may be charged fine for the conduct of piracy to any copyrights’ data. They claimed to provide you plagiarism report for every project but this report would be good for nothing if your piracy has been proved. It is awful to cheat on their customers with bogus assuring statements.


Working with is like wasting your time for a non-beneficial service. You will wait a long for the reward and then end up having the dump. In my opinion, you should try to do it yourself instead of having a rough writing for a large amount. You may both invest your time and money in some trustful companies and be aware of frauds to avoid any regrets later. I will rate them 1 out of 5.

Comments from students


Please google team block this website they are doing fraud...please students be careful I have so badly experience and I have wasted my time and money on it was a very bad service please be aware.


I've ordered a simple essay, but the outcome was really awful. did a terrible research and the writing itself is on the really low level. Like, come on, you only had one job!


Freelancehouse company isn't a trust builder. They're incapable of meeting the satisfaction of the purchasers. Their behaviors aren't versatile and negotiable.

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