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The website claim to offer experienced writers and the perfectionists to review and re-write your files in due time. They claimed that their staff will provide you high quality stuff to get done your projects with desired aptitudes. But, it seems like they had just hired some illiterate men on the website to play with your assignments and future as well. The website has a meagre staff which is not much competitive to provide you with a good stuff. Londonproofreaders never proved the ability of their staff with the service they provide. You will find your stuff having various flaws in competency, content quality, sentence structure, phrasing and grammar even after their so called proofreading.


You should never depend on for their quality of service. As, they never work up to the described standards so, you might risk all your efforts. They try their best to capture the clients at first time being very responsive to you before order but once they get succeeded to trap a new buyer, he could never see them again. Londonproofreaders will neglect your priorities regarding quality, quantity, topic, research, reference and the last date; they would care at all.

PRICE: have no justification for charging a high price for a low standard service. The investment to such a poor quality material is never a rational decision. Many other competitors offer really high-quality stuff at very rational prices. Seriously, who will agree to buy an expensive thing with zero benefits? I found no reason to convince you for buying a poor service in the offered package.


Trust, repute and goodwill are the fundamental intangible assets, a business could ever consider to inspire his clients for making a deal with them. But, this site has just been failed to please its customers with its product quality. Londonproofreaders generated nothing to win their customer’s confidence. I get to know by reviewing their site that all customers, who tried their products rated them really severely poor.


They agreed to hire individual project managers for all of their clients but that was just a fake statement. The website is not much generous to deal with your issues and concerns, wouldn’t respond you in time or their response wouldn’t be enough to get you adequate information. They say they will be there for you but that goes in waste just like a selfish girlfriend who behave really changed after dumping her ex.


This is not a good platform for re-writing and proof-reading. They just claim to do your job perfectly, but they have ever been convicted for providing poor services. As a professional, you must think twice before choosing any platform to complete your degree in perfect schedule. Be aware of frauds, to avoid any inconvenience. I suggest you, go for some better site and find any well-reputed company for your important tasks to be completed in time, instead if these poor rated companies.

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