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WRITER: is not the right place for you. If you are looking for assistance in your academic assignment ensure you engage the services of a professional that can aid the smooth delivery of your tasks. There are no efficient time management skills found within this company staffs.


This research writing service does not give the help one desires. Even if you submit project details instructions, they purposely won't follow the instructions. They prefer to do research on their own terms, even when their terms of writing is contrary to project descriptions and instructions. They lack on-time delivery rate, and unable to work with deadlines.


Their academic tutoring service is tailored in exploitation, and necessary for good quality service delivery. This company does not accommodate fair or affordable price. The price package is extra ordinarily high, and cannot guarantee top quality jobs. They are a money-making venture, and cannot be relied on.


Bear in mind, that there is no assurance of top quality service, instead flawless work is inevitable in, its part of their system and cannot be changed. The ability to receive quality assignment help is with the hassle and much stress. company trust is often undermined.


This company customer service support takes pride in discomforting and annoying clients with their poor communication skills. service team does not put the interest and issue of the client into consideration. They derive joy in keeping mute over client issues. Support team does not give top priority to resolve client’s queries.

CONCLUSION: does not command quality service, the failure to deliver on time. Their subject specialist lack organizational framework and jobs are mishandled. This company is not credible and can produce the excellent help needed for academic research.

Comments from students

Marcus is such a horrible website. I went on there hearing from others that it was exceptional and it was good, well NO. The website hired a writer for me, made the writer seem to be this AMAZING professional person but no, there were grammar mistakes everywhere and the writer was HORRIBLE. I paid $390, something I will NEVER do again on this website to have an essay an elementary school kid could write. The customer service is absolutely no help either as they said they could not refund me ANYTHING. Do not make the same mistake I did, even with $80 not worth it, find another website.


STAY AWAY TO THIS COMPANY, COMPLETELY SCAM: It was a nightmare. They are unprofessional, and the essay had a lot of errors.


The quality was terrible as a result, my experience becomes the worst. I wish I read researchhelpers reviews before placing an order.

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