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WRITER: is a website who offer to provide you with research projects, thesis and dissertation. Click2dissertation are actually the selfish businessmen, who only need to earn money by hook or by crook. They betray you; they will play with your future making wrong promises and fake claims. You may get trapped in their sweet talks hearing the fake claims and fake reviews about them. But beware! It is about your future, after all! We care for you, so we conducted research on different sites and founded the flaws in their websites.


Be ready! They will cheat you now or then. They are greedy, selfish businessmen who are selling plagiarised material on the cost of your future. They never care for you, your academic career and your future. They just need to acquire money by hook or by crook. Their quality, their work will never meet your university standards, from wherever you are.

They never feel guilty on providing the poor stuff or making you feel ashamed in class for poor quality writings. It is their fault; they must be sued for spoiling your repo and standards. But alas! We couldn’t find any option to file a complaint against them. So, it is better to walk with care on your own behalf. We will rate them no more than just 1.5 out of 5.


The price charge for the damn service they offered never feels like reasonable. That is not justifiable for the quality of service they deliver. Click2dissertation are ever claimed to charge too high prices for the service which is not feasible at all. Their competitive websites provide better stuff at very reasonable prices. I would honestly accuse them of overpricing.


The company has just lost its trust and confidence in the digital market with the last bad will. Their reputation has just got worse for the poor services they used to deliver till then. But “the customer” is king nowadays. They had raised voice against the injustice, and their negative reviews told the public about the Click 2 Dissertations’ deceiving and cheating history.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: promised to be there for you 24/7, covering all platforms like online chat, email, Facebook messenger, phone call and WhatsApp etc. But nope! It is never possible that you get the desired response in the required time. Click2dissertation will ever be late, or even sometimes they wouldn’t respond. When you visit their website, a pop-up appears instantly to collect your information and then they will make you annoyed with spam messages and emails of discounted offers of their poor services.


You should never get captured with that Lizzy dizzy talk about rich quality, high customer care and affordable on-time delivery. That is all just faked! Instead of wasting time on a place like “Click 2 Dissertations” you should invest your time and money in some productive package. In short, they deserve no better than 1 out of 5.

Comments from students

Luciano have some morons on its team, who don't know how to handle clients. They are rude, pathetic, inefficient, dumb and not. I just want to throw them out of the window if that brings their senses back. Totally wastage of money and time.


Watch out, what they did was ok but I was expecting more, really poor service, don't think once you pay you can get your money back, poor show by company, They are very happy to screw you right over, no after service either, once you put the money in a holding pot you cant get it back, please try another service not this pile of crap.


It is the company's responsibility to build-up trust in customers by giving them reliable services. The Click2dissertation company fails to satisfy their clients because they are doing fraud.

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