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Finding a really good and sufficient company online these days could really be war because there are some many scams companies out looking so legit with tantalizing offers but checking our reviews before dealing could help truly know the insight that the company doesn’t display like them posting fake testimonials and all. Over to today topic, it will all be about the breaking down of the services and output of the company called


The company has a team of 76 writers which is considered to be fair at least when compared to the standard of writers a writing company should have. The issue with Subjectspecialists writers is that there’s none with this team that has ever been based in the UK and most of their writers are unqualified for the job. There are 7 master’s degree holders and 5 with PhDs.


The quality of an essay is the main attraction to who so ever is reading the essay. This aspect shows how unique and creative your brain power and written skills are. But I tell you sincerely, that company’s output will make you look dumb. Their paper contains lots of typos which includes punctuation errors and spelling sometimes. Subjectspecialists have also had some cases involving plagiarism.


When ordering an essay here its expected of one to have a very high budget cause the prices here are very expensive. Getting a 2’1 level kind of essay with 500 words that will be delivered in 10 days maximum should cost about $56.82.


Trust is very essential in business dealings but has not shown its clients that they can be trusted. When going through Subjectspecialists websites we noticed that their physical address was nowhere stated. This simply means that the company is not as open and honest as they ought to be.


The customer service system has been identified to be good but not at its best level. The LiveChat feature is sometimes very slow to respond and also when it comes to the refund policy; that is, a customer not being satisfied with the productiveness of the company, you might never be attended to.


We do not see a reason why students should make use of the company’s services because the prices are way too high for the results that you’ll get. So its advised for one to check for better services out there with very affordable price rate but definitely not

Comments from students


Missed a deadline for one essay and failed another essay. I really wouldn't consider using this company, completely unprofessional outfit. You're better off just doing it yourself.


I opted for the service of with the hope that they would help improve my grades. But they provide average quality papers which did nothing to improve my grades. Not going to order for sure.


I recently ordered a paper from Subjectspecialists on high-school Economics and am still waiting to receive it in full. The deadline is way past and nobody from their customer service was able to help me. All I’ve received so far is an outline of the paper and that is it. For the high price that they charge, believe me you, it is a complete scam.

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