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This company site is now not available which predicts that the company was a fraud. However, we searched for past customers reviews who have availed services from this company. Thus, we found that site writers were inexperienced and fraud. They provided nothing relevant to customers instruction. The whole paper was different from the required materials.


The company quality of services was very poor. The company writers provided completely irrelevant paper to customers which entire materials were copied from the internet. It was a fraud company whose aim was to earn money in a short time and then closed the company as now this company has been closed.


The company basic aim was to loot customers in once. They charged around 300 dollars for 2500 words which were really expensive rate. However, the company aim was not to build trust but to earn money. The customers who once availed services of this company never returned for another order.


This was not a trustworthy company, because the basic aim of this company was gaining money in a short time. The quality of the papers was very bad. Besides, work was always delayed. The company has now been closed down. When we tried to open the site of this company we were faced with such message that the site is not available.


It has been reported by the customers that the company response was very nice and polite before placing order. But, after placing order no answers were given by their staff.


As this was a fraud company, its whole papers were plagiarized. The site relied on copy-paste system. The source of their coping was the online world.


The company has now closed down. It was a fraud writing service. We never recommend this site for writings.

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