– Review is an online website that provides editing services for different kind of jobs. Today we will review them on 6 different criteria’s and will check, how much justified there services are to their own claims of being best in the services.



So this company basically claims to be an expert in editing and proof-reading business. Their claim stands on the basis of another claim that they have the best team in the market, comprising of number of MPhils and PhDs. But they are making false claims. As they haven’t mention any of their editor/proof-reader or team member on the website. So one cannot judge either they are speaking truth or not about the academic background of their team. Moreover it is a usual practice of good companies that they always present their team profile, which consist of their academic and professional background. But this isn’t the scene in this case.


If you look at the section of “Why choose us?” you will notice that they are self-confused about their own work. They are talking about same things in two different sections “benefits of working with BritishEditing” and “why should you pick BritishEditing” that’s the same question with same answers. In “work circle” they accept that their rates are higher but they justify it with higher quality. But they are not experts, they don’t acknowledge their writer, editors and proof-readers, their rates are higher, their expertise are limited to law, nursing and business, their testimonials are fake, their stats are fake, they don’t have a proper pricing plan and they don’t have a proper customer support.

PRICE: has higher prices than any other company in the market. Where others will do your two pages of essay writing in £20-£25, Britishediting is charging you £19.99 per page. Like we have told above their quality isn’t even good for this much price.


A company is being trusted by new or potential customer via their testimonials and 3rd party based stats. While in this case their testimonials are fake as these are just quotes with name. There is no background info supporting these testimonials such as official or academic addresses of persons giving those testimonials. Moreover their stats doesn’t show any link to third or neutral party which conducted those stats.


For customer support they provide you only with phone numbers, email ids and address. It looks like they are bit old fashioned as Britishediting dont provide any link to social media ids which is must do things these days.

PLAGIARISM: don’t provide any samples on their site that could be checked for plagiarism. And since the testimonials are not that good so we can’t trust either Britishediting provide plagiarism free work or not.


Their rating according to us is 1/5. Which isn’t even average. So we won’t ask you to trust them blindly or to order their services. However there are other companies in the market with better pricing and better services you can always search for them. After all it is about your hard earned money.

Comments from students


Absolutely terrible service. Stay way if you don't want to get scammed. Don't waste your money on this site.


I have had a few essays written by this company. only one mark was satisfied -55% (even though i paid for a much higher mark! the rest majority of the work I got 38s grades. please do not waste your money!


This is highly rejected Britishediting company. You should be careful about your future and choose the right option for your resume writing.

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