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This is one of the popular sites that claim to have experienced writers that would write quality essays at all times. To clear all doubts, we discovered from our research thatthese writers much spoken of are all inexperienced and they offer no satiable services.


The services offered by is not up to standard when compared to what some other writing platforms offer to their own clients. This platform claims that they offer highest quality standards and give no pre-written papers, but its all lies.


The prices of every individual works done by writers of are not very specific, but we believe they are not affordable. They refused to really specify how much they charge while claiming its cheap, but that’s a mere deceptive strategy to attract potential victims.

COMPANY TRUST: often fail to keep information about their clients confidential and this is a big turn off to many new persons visiting the website. Its of no use to spend time looking for how to get works done with staffs from this platform, because they can’t give you what you desire at the end of the day.


There is no 24/7 available customer support staff on this platform. You can’t even have emergency complains that could be attended to overnight. The interest of every clients are not secured nor attended to, as the staff of this platform are even rude to their clients.


Its just unencouraging to know the fact that most essays, assignments, research papers and other forms of writings done by writers of this platform have been more of copied works that aren’t unique at all.


We do not recommend as a platform to consult when you need any essay to be written. They are just scam as they will never do works worth the money you have paid for.

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