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The educational system of today is more stressful than ever. Getting through school these days is considered to be more pressurizing than getting a job and essay writing is a very compulsory topic that must be taught at different levels in English language. And Oxbridge-writers.co.uk says that can help you with your stress by write those essays for you. Can you really depend on them? Let’s find out.



During the time of our investigation, this company had a total of 57 writers which was rated below the average manpower required by any standard writing service. Amongst Oxbridge-writers writers, we still found out that most of them when not having the qualification and requirements to secure a job here. They had 10 with master’s degree and 7 with PhD’s.


Oxbridge-writers.co.uk quality of service of a company in this line of business rest on the shoulders of the writers. And in this case it was very easy for us to predict. Checking the quality of the essays, we had to order some ourselves and the results we got back were awful. Oxbridge-writers were filled with mistakes and a whole lot of corrections had to be made. Many students could write better than the writers here and from our opinion we prefer you not to even thinking about getting the best quality when it comes to Oxbridge.


Getting a 2’1 level kind of essay would cost you about $68.23 which is quiet expensive for the quality you’d be receiving. The essay would contain 500 words at least and will be delivered through e-mail in the maximum of 10 days. And this high cost of service there’ve been some report concerning their lateness in delivery and this may be due to the population of writers that handle the high demands.


Oxbridge-writers.co.uk has provided no evidence in reference to its physical address. You may see this as no big deal but it is problem because this assures trust and openness in the activities of the company.


Oxbridge-writers has provided a very steady and 24/7 operating customer support system. The help you with all kind of issues except the refund policy, many ex-customers have said that’s it stricter than advertised and that is Oxbridge-writers.co.uk don’t consider refund even if their customers are not satisfied with their results. Here, customer’s satisfaction is not their top priority.


If you do not care about the higher prices and the low quality ok provided, you can order your assignments here. However, you should not expect a fair value and quality for the money you pay. You’ll need to keep reading reviews and look for services that are well recommended. It’s your grades on the line, so be careful who you choose.

Comments from students


The service in this https://oxbridge-writers.co.uk company is just terrible. It takes too long to wait for a response from them, the writer didn't understand my guidelines and the outcome feeling is pretty crappy.


They've got the rudest service ever. Oxbridge-writers.co.uk all are acting out like I owe something to them. Not the best way to speak with your customers.


I spent over $200 in papers that when I turned in were plagiarized. I sent the emailed what my professor said even the percentage and they still didn't help me nor gave me money back. The least they could've done was fixed the paper but for them to do that they wanted to charge the price again!! Don't Waste Your Time For Oxbridge-writers Company!!!!

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