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WRITER: is not brave enough to tell prospective clients that they lack manpower. Essayspot writers are very few. This company tends to use other writing firm authors to complete the project. Often times their content delivery is always erroneous.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: company professes to be the top essay writing service in the UK, which is absolutely incorrect. Essayspot service delivery is poor. There are frequent delays in subject delivery because they do not have sufficient staff to work on their term of service. A large number of the job is underrated with low quality, and inaccurate sentence. This company does not operate superb service and should not be allowed to deal with student essay.

PRICE: essay provider value bundle is very high. Despite the huge fee, Essayspot complete project work in a haphazard manner, thereby positioning the student for low marks. This company must be ignored. Their 50 percent discount does not count.


Though is essential to turn to an essay writing service provider, but it is also paramount to seek a proficient and credible essay writing service for quality job. is not found on the list of top quality essay writer in the UK. Their essay service finds it difficult to pass plagiarism test. company rating is very poor.


If you desire a good grade, and you care for your future, avoid customer support team. Their services portray dishonesty and unworthy to provide adequate help for any queries. Their customer care personnel are irresponsible and cannot be trusted.


When it comes to the choice of searching for essay provider, the whole decision is absolutely yours, but ensures your findings bring about good academic grades. On this note, ensure you avoid and seek a proficient essay provider in the UK.

Comments from students


This company could be a fraud, it's higher to elect a decent website for your analysis papers and alternative educational wants.


The writers of the site are highly unprofessional and not reliable for any academic writing. They use common language for the research writings. They do not have any skill in the research field.


The work quality is not satisfactory because they use unstructured language that is unable to make any sense. Their writing lacks unity and coherence. The writers are unable to complete the work in time. Please avoid such fraud Essayspot companies.

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